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Too Much Snow

Updated on February 24, 2014

Outside my window, it's piling

The snow is piling, it's intense.  Another Snowy Day in the Windy city.
The snow is piling, it's intense. Another Snowy Day in the Windy city.

Too Much Snow

It's getting rather late in the season, to be bombarded in a manner like this.

With white winter blankets, spread across the land, represented as lacey snowflake petals.

They fall delicately from the sky but yet as they fall, they multiply.

The winter storm, has progressed and is fiercely overwhelming.

It's constantly falling, covering everything, that will not move or sway .

It has to stop, making a mockery of us.

We are nearly approaching spring, not winter all over again.

So much snow, off and on for weeks and weeks on end.

You dig yourself out, and here it comes again, and again, and again.

It's cold, wet and blowing in my face.

My fingers are freezing, taking pictures of this stuff.

I want to capture the moment, in it's rarest of beauty;

some flakes are fat and fluffy and some little and petite.

The way that they feel on my face is more of an icy formation;

I believe clouds leak a mist that forms these diamond covered sensations. .

Snowflake up close (magnified)
Snowflake up close (magnified) | Source

Out side of my window, I thought I would measure,

the light and so airy, falling snow.

I was just so amazed, scientifically dazed, at the snowfall that had yet to cease.

I measured two and a half inches, and it's still coming down,

no point in shoveling; you're surely wasting your time.

It was so dense at one point, it appeared as fog as it took to the air by storm.

Such a phenomenal occurrence, breathtaking and refreshing

and so deliberate in approach and deliverance.

Oh vibrant snow you arrive for the moment

to fulfill your purpose then you melt away until you are summoned again.


I thought I would take a walk, to investigate the conditions,

just as I stated before, blowing snow and freezing temps.

Some places that I trodded, my steps were the only ones.

Lonely, isolated footsteps, headed in one direction.

Other places that I walked had been travelled by many.

Only the bravest of souls, challenged the extremes.

Coats clutched close, and scarves held on tight.

Trying to keep the chill from underneath outer garments.

I guess it was to early for the children to be out playing;

no staying home from school this time, mom has to work.

I'm observing every thing, as I walk around the block.

Road conditions slowed up traffic and some were barely driving.

Visibility wasn't the greatest, so they eased up on the gas.

Some cars rested curbside, under piles of mounted snow.

I guess the owner is hibernating, until the weather improves.

Greenery hidden under piles of snow as buds emerge

from tree limbs.

It's really hard to tell, that spring is on it's way in.

If it was not for the buds on the tree limbs,

I would think spring was in the far distance.

There's nothing wrong with winter, as long as I don't have to travel in it;

But the sub-zero days makes it hard to appreciate it.

Dusk is beginning to set in and the snow is still falling.

Now that the nite has come, I no longer can see it.

Snow, snow, snow, oh the wonderful, beautiful snow.

I love to see you coming and I love to see you go.

Come August, when the temperatures, are around

a hundred degrees,

I will reflect upon this moment, and not be quick to complain.

I believe the snow has ceased, at least for right now .

I measured out side my window and it's around three inches.

It may have accumulated some more, in other parts by now, but

what I measured is only half of what actually appears to be.

Three inches.
Three inches.
Twenty four hours later
Twenty four hours later

Now, another day has come, with plenty of beautiful sunshine.

The snow has melted from my window ledge,

by my complete surprise.

Not even a trace remains, except in other places.

I was expecting maybe, just a little bit, to hoover atop of the ledges,

but the sun is really bright and I was second guessing.

The sun is so tricky and makes me think otherwise.

When it blares through my window I believe that spring is nigh.

I hurry and get ready to have some fun in the sun, but

ole foolish me, how could I forget the snow and frigid temps.

I'm surprised
I'm surprised

The sky is calm, crystal blue and tranquil.

No clouds, gray clouds, encompassing the expanse.

So far, no more snow, covering the earth like a blanket or at least not yet.

I think we've had enough for right now or at least

until some of this snow melts.

This week in the forecast, no snow but rain in a couple of days.

This has been the most severe weather documented in history;

with the snow and freezing temps, coupled up together.

I hope history is done at least in our weather forecast,

not another blast of anything slightly resembling winter.

Well it's almost over with spring right around the corner.

Ready to pull out the sunshades without them fogging up on my face.

The night has fallen from day laden winds, strong and gusty winter winds.

The moon is half that appears to be full, as another day merges in.

It's calm and quiet with no winds a rising and the night sleeps away.

The day will burst as blossoms in the spring, not hiding the beauty within.

But old snow, many miles of snow you have yet to melt away.

I welcomed you once, but no longer I want the traces of your evidence here.

Be gone at dawn, the beautiful dawn, that pulled back the rays of sun;

that welcomed you here, every inch of you here, now your time to journey has come.

Final Thoughts

Over the last several days I felt the need to write about snow. I know with the anticipation of spring, no one wants to hear another winter story, but this was pressing on my mind so I thought I would share.

It is such a major part of living in the Windy City. Over the decades we have had to experience enormous amounts of snow that failed in comparison to the storms of the other day. I remember in 1969, I had to walk to school with mounds of snow taller than myself. One morning, I almost got stuck because the snow was so deep. Luckily, I managed to get out.

In 1979, was yet another incidence of mounds of snow dumped into the city, similar to that of 1969, but slightly less. I am fascinated with snow because it is an unusual winter activity. It is snow that makes winter, winter and gave lift to Christmas storytelling.

I see other states battling with the artic cold blast. States that are not equipped to handle such storms and their consequences are so great. I am truly thankful that where I live they have learned to handle the storms along the way, but sometimes storms have a way of stating, "you can't handle this".

Winter Snow

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    • Kathy Carr profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Carr 

      4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      I agree that it is sad to look at the news and see how weather changes really affect certain regions. There's been a shift in the atmosphere so people must prepare for the worst. Thanks Ericdierker for your comment and continued support.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I grew up at 7,000 feet. We just expected such things and shut down and accepted it. Well I guess people have come a long way and expect each day that the weather should not interrupt our lives. Kind of sad really.

      Great hub


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