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Too Much Time on My Hands?!

Updated on April 3, 2013

Disorganized Ideas

Thoughts like this bookshelf... need organization.
Thoughts like this bookshelf... need organization. | Source


I'm biting off more than I can chew. What happens when a writer gets time to write?

Too many ideas!

Actually, I love having too many ideas. It's great to feel like I always have more to write down. I started with a new process to create a quick story. The idea was to have something simple, but good and complete to put on my blog every day. Instead, I ended up with so many ideas, I'm writing a new book.

I read an article about inspiring ideas for your stories. It was either on writer access or Victoria Mixon's blog, I think. One of the suggestions was to use an oracle book. Just pull it out, put your finger on a page. Use that to inspire something. I've done this kind of thing before playing D&D, so I'm familiar with the method. I thought about that a bit and had an idea. So, I pulled out some tarot cards. A quick read later and I had a story. The Celtic Cross spread gave me everything from the main character, to a full plot with a climax. Now to fill in the gaps.

Now, with so many ideas flying across my office, and my computer, what is a boy to do?

Organization is my task at hand!

When you are a person who has spent too much time working the busy jobs and putting organization off; how do you pick organization back up again? My ability to organize is amazing. (Not to toot my own horn, my teachers, supervisors, family, and friends who have seen this have all told me so.) But I haven't been using it for my own benefit for so long, it's out of practice! AHHHH!! I have to find some ways to organize not just my story ideas (that's going pretty well actually), but my office space, and my life. Organizing my time is chief among those. Always a work in progress of course, my schedule could use some serious tweaking

Time to Get My...

... Rubber Ducks in a Row
... Rubber Ducks in a Row | Source

I still have a lot to do. In a way, more to do than before dumping my employer. It's just all on my own schedule now. So, I am using my tools and my skills for my own benefit. It's an interesting challenge to move from “work skills” to “dream skills”. I want to do this “work” but I don't want it to feel like “work”. Ah, to change my associations.

Wish me luck and throw out some ideas. Feel free to comment on my Facebook, or Google+


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