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Tootsie Pop

Updated on July 14, 2016

Last night I had a dream it was on,

In this dream,

I was sitting on the throne,

With my queen I'm in love,

The look in her eye said something,

Love in the air,

Curls in her hair,

Nothing can compare,

To the feeling we shared,

When she is holding me,

Love takes control of me,

I'm a sucker for love,

I said that,

Girl when I tell you I love you,

I meant that,

That simple,

No second guess,

Hand me a box,

So I can check,

Yes please,

Every time,

The way i feel,

Won't decline,

You make me feel like a tootsie pop,

On the outside I'm rough and hard,

But our constant sweetness and love licks away at my outward appearance,

Never stopping,

Inside it's completely different,

Because when you constantly bombard me with who you are,

You make me feel all gummy,

But you know that,

Now the world wants to know how you got to center so fast?


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