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Top 10 Article Directories

Updated on December 29, 2011

Best Article Directories

This hub is now 2 years old and will be updated very soon so keep an eye on it. The article directories listed are still the main players but have either changed ranking order or now implement nofollow on published articles.

These are the best article directories by Alexa traffic rank and Google pagerank.

1. Alexa TR = 298 PR6 is a service which brings writers and ezine publishers together. A website that (began in 1999 has now over 1,000,000 quality original articles and over 100,000 expert authors sharing their best ezine articles. From health to fasion, building to romance, you can find articles about anything using the search option.

Each article is (origional in its own way. The main attraction for both author and publishers is that authors can upload articles and if the articles is good enough that some publishers like it then it can be published in different magazines, producers to publish their work with an easy and free process.

2. Alexa TR = 3,147 PR5 Free Articles Directory was established in 2005 as a website to provide a free platform for content producers to publish their work online with an easy and free process.

Over the past two years their platform as grown at a rapid pace, over the last 9 months they have rolled out 4 new versions for French, Russian, Spanish and Chinese speakers to reach their target audiences. Currently there are over 55,000 (publishers to their website and growing daily.

3. Alexa TR = 3,386 PR6 consists of a dynamic network of authors and content contributors who they proudly refer to as their Intelligent Life on the web. As subject experts, their authors and content contributors create an informative, yet comfortable place for finding information about all things from animals to tourism.

With current news in their What's the Buzz? section, thousands of interesting categories, endless entertainment from their Escape Hatch, an interactive online community, and thought-provoking polls, offers a medium through which to share knowledge of the world.

4. Alexa TR = 7,287 PR4

their mission is to build intelligent discussion from wide range of viewpoints while providing useful information to the World. they pledge to do what they can to use their small corner of the World Wide web to make the Internet a better place.

5. Alexa TR = 24,759 PR5

They have been collecting articles and been writing their own articles since 2002, their database became so large that they decided the time was right to build a site based around these articles, and to encourage and promote authors to submit fresh content.

Articles can be a great way of promoting sites, by sharing your knowledge and experience you can demonstrate your understanding and expertise, if readers are impressed with your copy, they will visit your site to learn more.

They also allow text links, which are one of the most important ways you can promote a site on the web, links bring direct traffic and contribute to your rankings. Article sites are also a great place to find free web content to add to your own site.

6. Alexa TR = 26,949 PR6 is an article search engine and directory, updated daily. The staff at GoArticles are dedicated to meeting the needs of contributing Authors, newsletter Publishers and visitors by providing the best and largest article database on the web. Their goal is to make great content available to you when you want it, not when someone decides to send it to you. is one of 15 web sites comprising the Jayde Online Network, most of which focus on niche areas of particular interest to webmaster's, marketers, newsletter publishers, authors and entrepreneurs. Watch for the launch of other newsletter and resourrce sites in the coming months.

Jayde Online was founded in 1993 and incorporated in early 1998. The company has been internet-focused from its creation and primarily involved in the publication of email newsletters and the development of niche and general search engines. they are currently located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

7. Alexa TR = 27,840 PR5 is owned and maintained by Shelley Lowery, President of Brajusta Publishing, Inc., a direct marketing company located in Lewis Center, Ohio, specializing in providing instructional electronic books, software and publications.

Before launching her Internet career, Shelley was employed by Worthington Industries, a Fortune 500 company, where she was a "Production Scheduling Coordinator." That's where she discovered her true passion for business and computers.

She quit her job in 1995, after ten years of employment, to pursue her dreams and launch her full time Internet business. She has been through all of the trials and errors of web design and development, Internet marketing and promotion, writing a weekly publication and running a full time Internet business and now shares her experience with her visitors.

8. Alexa TR = 29,878 PR3 is a free online article directory that provides new articles for websites. their big article database is a good source of free articles for your website.

Authors can submit new articles.

webmaster's can choose some content for websites from their free articles by picking a category.

Readers can enjoy their time reading their new articles.

9. Alexa TR = 30,890 PR6

WebProNews is your comprehensive resource for news, information, and tips related to online business. they cover the latest developments in search engines, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, advertising, and online branding.

they offer not just news, but analysis of developments in the online business space, and tutorials and insight into how to build a better online presence. That means the topics they cover stretch beyond just their aforementioned specialties and include new concepts and developments affecting online business (think web 2.0, podcasting, video, various media), and even include financial, legal and political issues that have direct bearing on the web industry.

In addition to that, they attend and cover major industry conferences like Search Engine Strategies, SMX, PubCon, and the Portable Media Expo. With us there for you, it's like saving a few bucks on registration and travel costs. By signing up for the WebProNews newsletter, you can receive conference information and the latest e-commerce news and tips right in your email inbox.

All in all, they can help you make a better web brand and web site, and they can help you build the right kind of web exposure.

10. Alexa TR = 31,192 PR3

The Article and Ezine Publisher Database is dedicated to offering quality products, and services to help ezine publishers develop more business. Plus provide the hobbyist, and those serious about their special interest with electronic newsletters of their choice in just about every category you can imagine!


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    • profile image

      Uganda Safari 3 years ago

      Thank you for the information, its really helpful.

    • profile image

      Dinesh Kumar 3 years ago

      Thanks for the info. Could you please publish (a free article submission directory) ?

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      Jessica 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Admin 4 years ago

      Another one at

    • profile image

      Dileep 4 years ago

      I have tried submitting our article published in the But many times they get rejected.

    • profile image

      jimmyharry 4 years ago

      Here is a great site to publish your blog/article, you can simply register and publish -

    • profile image

      JOHN 5 years ago

      Hi ,

      Thank you for the list of article directory and the information.

      I would appreciate if you add my website - Free Article Directory. Submit your articles. is Articles directory that allows free article submission.

    • profile image

      bishan2010 5 years ago

      Find another Article Directory

    • profile image

      bdmediatalk 5 years ago

      A very interesting article. Thank you posted !!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Ganeshan Nadarajan 5 years ago

      These are the best article directories by Alexa traffic rank and Google pagerank.

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      JamesYi 5 years ago

    • profile image

      Christopher Silvey 5 years ago

      I like this one too.. They also approve all articles in 24 hours or less and use the do follow method..


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      BigClasses 5 years ago

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    • SpikeTheLobster profile image

      SpikeTheLobster 5 years ago from South Coast, UK

      Another one (free, dofollow) at - tougher on spinbots and rubbish content (read the submission rules!) but even the comment links are dofollow once you've made enough comments or contacted admin and convinced them. Still pretty new but every link counts, right? :)

    • profile image

      kurtulus 5 years ago

      Seodmos Web Directory

      seodmos progressive and dynamic search engine optimization

    • profile image

      kartel 5 years ago

      Thanks for the good listing of 10 best article directories. Currently I am submitting articles to bring traffic to my site. I found that there is a very new article directory which is called

    • profile image

      People of Bihar 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Jared 5 years ago - The free article website for creating your own articles on your interests and recommendations. Advertise or self promote for free through articles.

    • profile image

      oil and gas industry 5 years ago

      Best list of top 10 article directories. I have one more directory is the best free article submission directory.

    • profile image

      Original Articles Directory 5 years ago

      Nice List. I like the best Ezine Articles.

    • profile image

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      More info @

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      Free Article Submission 5 years ago

      Best list of top 10 article directories. I have one more directory is the best free article submission directory. You can submit unlimited articles over there to promote your business

    • profile image

      Tricky 5 years ago

      plss tell me that this website suite for best articles in today dates..i have visited today on this.

      good articles evrer for tec updates.

    • profile image

      Marcus 6 years ago

      A fantastic list for truly the most optimized and beneficiary article directories around. Good job, please update this list when you have time. Much Appreciated!

      PS If you are considering making a list with only web directories, please consider

    • profile image

      manish bhatt 6 years ago is another free article site

    • profile image

      Designer Freddy 6 years ago

      I commented on your post a while back about started getting over a 2000 pageviews a day and crashed my Hostgator server account because I left articles on auto approved for a weekend by mistake and got a lot of spam was making about 100 dollars a day with adsense and lost my account and had to start from scratch with her brother no worries, learned from my mistakes currently manually approving over hundred articles a day thanks for letting me roll for a while.

    • profile image

      seemal 6 years ago

      Very useful articles directories I have already account on ezinearticles but thanks for informative sharing.

    • profile image

      rahul 6 years ago

      Tanx for sharing top 10 article list...

    • profile image

      Seo 6 years ago


      I currently use goarticles ezinearticles and usfreeads, although not article directory. But these sites rank my 2 SEO service websites( & )pretty well and have brang me organic traffic customers

    • profile image

      KBS Articles 6 years ago

      I think all these site can be a great help to rank websites on the search engines. I have also hosted a new article submission site have “Do Follow” submission link feature. Approve Article within 12 – 24 Hours.

    • vimier profile image

      vimier 6 years ago from Chicago, IL, United States

      I think that I am going to give Buzzle a try. I have tried Ezines and did not like it, takes too long to accept an article. And GoArticles was devalued by panda to a PR 3, I am pretty sure.

    • profile image

      peace13 6 years ago

      Personally I do not like Article Base because it contains nofollow links. If you are writing articles at least there must be some incentive.

    • internetgeek profile image

      Nizam Khan 6 years ago from Hyderabad, India.

      This is excellent piece of information. Enzine article is no doubt the best when it comes to article directories, it has huge traffic and and also it's alexa rank is very high. Thanks for sharing and voted up :)

    • profile image

      jelle 6 years ago

      hi im jelle verry good article

      im owner from article directorie

    • profile image

      Karisma 6 years ago


      Please consider to add my article directory in the list.

      Thank you !

    • profile image

      Manoj verma 6 years ago

      great sharing of directories !!!

    • profile image

      Christopher Silvey 6 years ago

      I like this one.. They approve all articles in 24 hours or less and use the do follow method..


    • profile image

      Theglobaltutors 6 years ago

      I would be glad to know about this is very good site for submission.

    • profile image

      Richard 6 years ago

      I found 1 while searching the list of article submission sites …check out and add your articles. Nice article site with 5 live links

    • profile image

      Catherine 6 years ago

      Hi there thanks for the list. I just tried to add a how to article to but was disappointed that the system wouldn't accept my emails (blocked). Never had this happen before. Never mind, went to to plan B, as us online marketers do...

    • profile image

      Rasool khan 6 years ago

      UK Based Free Article Directory

    • profile image

      tam 6 years ago

      Check out Sounds Healthy its a page rank 3 no registration or email required. They have to be health related articles though.

    • profile image

      Marnie Pehrson 6 years ago

      Try . They've been around the longest and get great results. You can promote more than just articles, also press releases, info products, audios, videos, etc.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      free article directory with high page rank

    • profile image

      Pandora 6 years ago

      Check out Article Cloud (No Ads, No Memberships, PR3)

    • profile image

      Article Directory USA 6 years ago


      I would appreciate it if you added my site ( to your master list. Each article will be checked for spelling, grammar, and proper formatting before being published. We only approve top quality articles.


      Web Master

      Article Directory USA

    • profile image

      greg 6 years ago

      Try its a pr5

    • profile image

      Andy 6 years ago

      That is a great list of article websites ,i used all the website .i will add one more to the list i have found this website for the article submission ,so i thought i would share .

    • SpikeTheLobster profile image

      SpikeTheLobster 6 years ago from South Coast, UK

      You seem to have missed HubPages, AC, Helium, Triond, Bukisa - all fairly major players.

    • profile image

      article95 6 years ago

      here is a useful article directory a new great one

    • profile image

      Rick 6 years ago

      Http:// is always looking for fresh articles and happy to accommodate.

    • Jezhug profile image

      Jezhug 6 years ago from Australia

      Great Hub Aaron. Thanks mjsavinos, I will stay clear of Buzzle ;)

    • Quang Le profile image

      Quang Le 6 years ago from Ha Noi, Vietnam

      A PR3 articles directory - should be listed.

    • profile image

      John Hitchcock 6 years ago

      I have found some of my articles submitted to to be copied to other sites, but WITHOUT an author bio box. That's a bit discouraging.

      When I contacted the offending sites, I heard nothing back. Obviously the original link was beneficial, but the viral growth was stopped as soon as the bio box was eliminated.

    • mjsavinos profile image

      mjsavinos 6 years ago from New Jersey

      Just found out (because I tried), that no longer allows any duplicate content or article marketing! Only original content. Here's what they say exactly on their new membership page:

      "If you are looking to become a Buzzle author, you'll first need to create a Buzzle membership account here.

      However, before you proceed please note following:

      * no longer accepts marketing type articles

      *External links are NOT allowed in articles

      *We do NOT accept duplicate content i.e. if submitted article has full or partial content that already exists on some other website, we do not publish such article.

      *If you wished to utilize for article marketing, we are sorry but we do not allow it any more."

      Hope this info is helpful!

    • mjsavinos profile image

      mjsavinos 6 years ago from New Jersey

      I agree with the majority of the other commentators...great information. Site suggestions made by other commentators here are useful as well. Thanks everyone!

    • profile image

      FaceFlow Video Chat 6 years ago

      Thanks for these directories, still useful today in 2011 :)

    • profile image

      Hide IP 6 years ago

      Thanks for this top ten directories. I already submit my site into it.

    • profile image

      Web Design Company 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the good articles list..which helped to promote more easily..............

    • profile image

      PHP programmer 6 years ago

      I just wondering how the author come up with the conclusion with having a top 10 list for just looking at the alexa ranking.

    • profile image

      Umar Imtiaz 6 years ago

      very helpful directories....thank you so much...

    • profile image

      Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing a list of Article Directories. I will use ArticleBase for my blog popularity...

    • profile image

      watches for men 6 years ago

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    • profile image

      sudeep 6 years ago

      Thnaks for the list

      another dofollow article directory

      It has more than 4500 registered authors..

    • profile image

      Editorial Content Directory 6 years ago

      Here is another one; enjoy!

    • profile image

      wok cooking 6 years ago

      Hi, just came across your site. A useful list. Just what I need. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      James 6 years ago

      I use Thought you might want to add this to your list

    • profile image 7 years ago

      This is a great list of article directories, I like how you put them in Alexa ranking order, if used correctly the list of directories can bring you lots of traffic to your website.Also checkout

    • profile image

      tamarindo beach 7 years ago

      thanks for sharing this useful list I'm looking for that and finally I got it

    • profile image

      Anne 7 years ago

      This is a nice reference for article submission. Thanks for sharing. Very nice!

    • profile image

      marcus 7 years ago

      Great list, I have found enzine articles as my primary source of getting back links. Very happy with my backlinks now.

    • profile image

      TNkleathers 7 years ago

      Thank you for the information i also wana know that using article submission services such as UAW how many articles can we submit for a single domain if we are submitting to at-least 400 blogs and directories so that google does not think of it as scam

    • profile image

      Social Media Network 7 years ago

      Very Nice information and Good list of article directories, Thanks for such good list :)


    • profile image

      Lena 7 years ago

      Nowadays the editorial guidelines are much more strict. Which is a good thing because it weeds out the clutter for those who are really interested in the subjects discussed. Thanks for compiling this useful list.

    • profile image

      Kingsley 7 years ago

      I thiop ten link I love the 10 list, others could be any thing because I can edit an article script today, upload it and post here. No we want traffic from articles, not from a two month old site..

    • profile image

      how to create a website 7 years ago

      Ezine and articlesbase seem to be always at the top..

    • profile image

      Sargodha Board Result 7 years ago

      Nice listings of Article Directories and like this hub. Keep sharing ... thanks! :)

    • TravelinAsia profile image

      TravelinAsia 7 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

      I wonder how googles new policies will affect these article submission hub sites? So far my traffic is steady at hubpages, squidoo seems to have tanked bigtime though!

    • profile image 7 years ago from CA, US

      Thanks for great list, i submitted article in ezine, it took 1 week in approving but crawling on daily basis by Google, i am really thankful to you. Keep posting nice stuff.


    • profile image

      Derek Jansen 7 years ago

      @TNK Leathers - there's nothing wrong with article syndication and its not considered negatively by Google.

    • TNk leathers profile image

      TNk leathers 7 years ago from UK

      great resource i want to ask you that is automatic article submissions considered a scam and do google not considered it as good backlinks?

    • profile image

      Van Insurance Groups 7 years ago

      What a great source of directory information - but I have to add something which is slightly interesting on this topic.

      Earlier in the hub, Aaron mentioned that Google are possibly creating a single url link count from a directory, which I can tell you is not the case.

      The limit is one keyword url linked per page, from any site to any site - and there are no limits at all. We have tested this, and the only questionable action which they may take is a "site limit" due to spam - so if you are using the same site to publish all the time, then they may cut it to one or two.

      But, with eZineArticle, ArticleBase and GoArticles, this is not the case.

      Hope that helps.

    • profile image

      article submission 7 years ago

      Hello Author…I am just looking for the lists for article submission and accidentally i found this post…Your post delivers a nice list of websites….Like others Ezine articles and Goarticles is also my personal favorite…


      Olive Baker

    • profile image

      eduware 7 years ago

      great article directory list. it is useful for me

    • profile image

      Free Link Directory 7 years ago

      We are a versatile link directory and provide,

      Paid Inclusion or Free Listings with Reciprocal Link. You can also search for anything in any category, find quality websites quickly and easily.

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      concursos publicos 7 years ago

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    • donnatru profile image

      donna 7 years ago from Danville, IL

      Great hub!

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing, I will try our these websites :) thumbs up :)


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