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Top 10 Best Romantic Love Quotes for Her Featuring MayWard - Maymay Entrata & Edward Barber Photos

Updated on June 26, 2019

Every woman deserves all the love in the world. It’s a man’s responsibility to take good care of his partner’s heart. To hurt a woman for any reason is not an option. Doing so can greatly degrade a man’s worth. Are you searching for love quotes to make the woman of your life extra happy? Look nowhere else since here is a list of the Top 10 Best Love Quotes for Her.

I hope any of these quotes can help you express your deep love for her. Never let a day pass without letting her know how great your love is since she deserves it. Be by her side especially at times when she needs you the most since every woman needs a strong man who can serve as her wall of protection against problems and a sturdy ladder which can bring a woman up towards her dreams in life.

MEGA Special Edition with MayWard!

10. All About Love

MayWard kilig moments!
MayWard kilig moments!

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”

True love usually comes at the least time you expect so always be on the watch. Never let it go once found as it might be your only chance to experience its wonders. Fake ones will also come along the way so be sure to distinguish and avoid them. Never let your strong desire for love make you fragile. Guard your heart as much as possible and only give your love to one who truly deserves it. Though you can’t choose who to love, you can control the feeling. Protect yourself from false promises from a fake love as it can corrupt your heart and leave it with scars. True love is never selfish or cruel. It is rooted from kindness and care so only accept those that offer a love that can make you happy and aims to guard than hurt you.

9. How to Know If It's True

MayWard is real!
MayWard is real!

“Love is when you don’t know why you seem to be attracted to that person.”

A great love is one that has no reason. It has no specific origin which makes it immune to fading. Regardless what happens in the near future it will still grow and be more beautiful than ever. This is the kind of love that each one of us long for yet only a few are lucky enough to find. You may fail a couple of times but never lose hope. All of us have the right to experience true love and it’s just a matter of time until you meet a person who is willing to give his all to you. Never lose hope because true love will find its way amidst all the trials and hardships. Those who have faith in the power of love are often the ones who end up finding it so don’t be discouraged by your past instead consider them as stepping stones to go further and continue longing for the unequaled happiness that can only be brought upon by true love.

8. Work Hard for Love

MayWard winter!
MayWard winter!

“I’ve built a wall not to keep love out but to see who loves me enough to climb it.”

Don’t expect love to be all spring. Winter will surely come at some point so you must prepare for it. Problems in a relationship are tests which allow a couple to prove whether their love is true or not. Others fear to love simply because they want to avoid pain and hardships. We can’t blame them since the challenges involved in loving truly are not something to joke about. They can tear you apart and leave your heart totally broken. This is why you should build a wall and protect your heart from deceptions. Never accept lust and other selfish feelings disguised as true love. Protect your heart not just for your own sake but also to keep it at its best form until the right person who deserves all your love comes.

7. Love is Strong yet Delicate

MayWard surprise
MayWard surprise

“Love is strong yet delicate. It can be broken. To truly love is to understand this. To be in love is to respect this.”

A broken heart can be mended but it won’t be like it was before. Heartbreaks leave scars so be careful about hurting the ones you love. You may end up forgiven but the pain your partner will need to carry all the pain and sufferings your actions caused for the rest of their lives. It only takes a split second to break your love one’s trust but a couple of years to make up for what you’ve done. The most alarming part is that completely rebuilding trust is near impossible. Never break a promise at all cost and refrain from lying regardless if your intentions are good. There’s no such thing as a white lie especially in love because hiding the truth from your partner means nothing but betrayal. Accept and respect these realities about love and you’ll surely be happier and contented.

6. Love Her Imperfection

MayWard pouting lips
MayWard pouting lips

“Love isn’t about finding the perfect person. Love is about finding an imperfect person and seeing perfection.”

No one in this world is perfect. While searching for love, we should never look for an ideal partner but one that we can wholeheartedly accept. Some say love is blind but it’s not the case. Love sees all yet accepts even the worst faults. It endlessly forgives and will remain hopeful for change and improvement. These traits separate true love from a pretentious one. Be happy is someone vowed true love and accepts all of your imperfections. Treasure him and never fail to express how much you are thankful for his efforts. Nevertheless, love is a mutual effort so do your part as well. Though your partner may commit mistakes sooner or later, don’t hesitate to forgive and trust that his love for you will be enough as an inspiration for him to never do the same fault again.

5. Courage to Love

MayWard in Paris
MayWard in Paris

“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.”

It’s never manly to cause pain to a woman’s pure heart. This is why men should never confess a love without confirming that it’s real. Women tend to fall easily by sheer kindness. Once fallen, it’s hard for them to step back and they eventually give their all to nurture their new love. It’s a man’s responsibility to protect his woman and not lead her to hardships. If you are uncertain about your feelings toward a woman, don’t dare to make her feel special. Doing so will only make her assume that your intentions surpass friendship and develop false hops in her heart. It’s an act of cruelty no woman deserves. Nonetheless, if you are certain that it’s true love; don’t hold back in expressing how much she means to you. Invest both time and effort to make her feel extra special and you’ll surely win her heart in no time.

4. A Love that Grows

MayWard best PH love team!
MayWard best PH love team!

“The way you started loving her is the way she should always be loved.”

True love never fades. It should never degrade but grow in time. Of course this can’t be done without hard work. The greatest love does not simply come out of the blue but is honed for so many years. It requires a lot of dedication and serious commitment especially nowadays where temptations are everywhere. One wrong move can entirely destroy a once pure and true love so be extra wary. You may deserve forgiveness but the love you’ll share afterwards will never be the same. Be aggressive in protecting your love especially against those who aims to destroy it out of their selfish goals. Step aside lust and other selfish reasons for loving since they can poison your heart and lead you away from determining the true sense of love.

3. I Exist Because I Love You

MayWard love is like breathing
MayWard love is like breathing

“Loving you is like breathing. How can I stop?”

Be courageous enough to fight for your love particularly if you are certain that it’s pure and true. Despite the challenges, never stop loving since it is the only way to experience true happiness in this world. The more you invest on love, the more good things you can expect from it. Though many tried and failed, don’t be discouraged. Instead, consider their experience as proofs that life is cruel. You won’t survive long without courage and someone who will never leave your side no matter what. Never use the reality of love as an excuse to avoid it. Embrace your fears and let a special someone help you out in discovering the mysteries of love and the beauties it can bring upon to one’s life.

2. Tears Out of Love

MayWard express how much I love you
MayWard express how much I love you

“I can’t find the words to express how much I love you. So take this tear from my cheek, and know that it was shed for you.”

Only those you truly are the ones who can deeply hurt you. This is why loving someone is granting him the chance to break your heart. Nonetheless, you trust him greatly that he won’t do anything to cause you pain. This is why most people describe love as a sword. It can protect you but can harm you as well if used improperly. Be ready before you wield a sword. Love is not a place where you can get in and out with ease. There’s no abrupt escape from the whirlpool of love if you already got too deep into it. Always keep in mind that love is not just about the smiles but also how much tears you are willing to shed for your special someone.

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1. A Love that Gets Stronger

MayWard sweet love quote
MayWard sweet love quote

“True love never dies; it only gets stronger with time.”

A love that is true can last for eternity. We all want to experience it. Others are even willing to spend thousands of dollars to visit other places in search for that one person who can be the reason of their heart’s beating. Nevertheless, we should be reminded that searching for true love is futile because we are destined to meet one. We must focus on knowing how to distinguish true love from fake ones. It is crucial for you to be certain regarding your feelings before committing on relationship. Never falter in guarding your heart since it may take some time for it to truly love once broken.

May you all experience the joys of true love in the near future! Be optimistic since there is a heart out there waiting for your love as well.

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    • MarieAlana1 profile image

      Marie Alana 

      7 years ago from Ohio

      I like this! Yes, I think that these are good quotes to use with a woman.


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