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Top 10 Coolest Marvel Villains

Updated on August 8, 2011

To follow my top 10 Marvel heroes, I am now presenting my top 10 favorite Marvel villains. This list is strictly a matter of personal opinion, and I would like to hear yours; Comment and let me know who else should of made the list. *(P.S. I know it kind of looks like an X-Men villain list; I can't help it they fight the majority of the best villains) Cool collectibles for sale!!! < Check this out ;)

10. The Sentinels

These mindless robot behemoths, standing 3 stories tall, with the power of flight and lasers, have been hunting mutants since the 60s. They had a major role in the 90's X-Men animated series, and they had a brief (and awesome) cameo in X-Men 3. Humanities greatest weapon ever against the mutant threat, The Sentinel is number 10.

9. Juggernaut

Charles Xavier is a (mostly) kind, caring, savior for mutant kind. His half brother Cain Marko is the unstoppable Juggernaut. When the 2 were stationed in Korea together, Cain stumbled upon a temple, and receives the power of the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. Which basically means, gtfo of his way. Endowed with superhuman strength, durability, a healing factor, and being nearly unstoppable, The Juggernaut comes in at number 9.


When Professor X and Magnetos minds, and dark sides mixed, they made this. Onslaught is capable of telepathy, energy projection, sensing mutant presences, manipulating magnetic fields, and affecting reality itself. Taking nearly the entire Marvel Universe to stop, Onslaught comes in at number 8.

7. Galactus

When the Silver Surfer is your herald you're officially awesome. He has been described as the physical, metamorphosed embodiment of a cosmos; he wields the power cosmic, and he consumes entire worlds. His first appearance in a film was sadly tarnished (a fucking space cloud?!?). 

6. Venom

While walking both sides of the hero/villain line, Venom is most remembered (by me, at least) for being a homicidal Spider-Man villain, and for possessing the longest tongue since Gene Simmons. He was also created by Todd McFarlane (Spawn anyone?). Everything about Venom has been supremely kickass for the last 22 years, except for Topher Grace.

5. Dr. Doom

Yet again, another supremely evil, classic Marvel villain, with almost no undesirable appearance, except for their (released) movie debut. Owning Latveria, and fighting Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four since 1962, Dr. Doom is probably one of the most recognizable comic book villains ever. Do you even count as a Marvel Hero if you haven't fought a few dozen Doombots?

4. Magneto

Being the only character to top both the top villain, and hero list, says something about Magneto. He's the worlds most powerful mutant, capable of destroying it and all of humanity, and yet he does not. He wages a war for the survival of mutantkind, and the enslavement of humanity.

3. Stryfe

Cables evil brother. When that fact was revealed, X-Cutioner's Song officially became my favorite story in all of the X-Titles. Trained by Apocalypse himself, to eventually be a vessel for the high lord, he eventually made his way back in time to our age (circa 91) to form the Mutant Liberation Front. Thus began one of the greatest sibling rivalries in comic history (again, In my opinion). 

2. Apocalypse

Eh Sabah Nur, being nearly timeless, immortal, all powerful, and possessing alien technology, had enslaved the Marvel universe more than a few times. He brought about the Archangel, he trained Stryfe, and he infected young Cable with the techno organic virus (which would ultimately be his undoing). He is the High Lord, he is the First One. Enter now the Age of Apocalypse!

1. Mr. Sinister

When Jean Grey died, Mr Sinister created a clone of her, Madelyne Prior. She went on to have the child Cable with Cyclops. So in a way, Sinister is Cables bastard grandfather. Plus hes just generally evil looking, even though his plots rarely pan out at all, hes still number 1 with me. 

Who is your favorite Marvel super villain?

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