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Top 10 DC Comics Armor

Updated on September 9, 2018
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Abuzar is still a student and polishing his skills of writing an article.

10. Batman (The Dark Knight returns)

Batman wore this suit against superman when he tries to stop him. Batman fought superman and defeated him at first but superman overpowered him but in the end batman defeated him when Oliver Queen shoots a kryptonite arrow on him.

9. Lex Luthor's Warsuit

Lex Luthor is one of the main enemies of superman who always wants to get rid of superman. Lex Luthor created a suit which gives him superhuman strength, flight, durability, force field and is equipped with kryptonite beams which is the weakness of superman. Overall Lex Luthor's armor is great but is only created to defeat superman so it is only equipped with kryptonite based weapon which are not effective against others.

8. Blue Beetle Armor (Jamie Reyes)

There have been three blue beetle over time but Jamie was most powerful among them because of the alien scarab which grants him flight, enhanced durability and strength, ability to create weapons and ability to unleash hand beams and cannons. The scarab act as a fully fictional AI that helps Jamie during his fights

7. Rocket red Brigade

The Rocket Reds were originally created for the Soviet union by Kilowog and the Rocket Red Brigade normal human beings enhanced using forced evolution and armored battle suits proudly defended the USSR.

Their abilities included super strength, invulnerability, rocket powered flight, the ability to project powerful energy blasts, and "machine empathy" the ability to sense and control computers and machines.

6. Project Batman Exoskeleton "Rookie"

When Batman died in the Endgame. Geri powers associated new Batman program and made James Gordon the new batman.

The suit is made of a grapheme armor exoskeleton, this Bat suit possessed 1020 high definition Retinal imaging, night vision and thermal imaging. The exoskeleton possessed a defibrillator to act as an ambulatory response system. At the trapeziums, the exoskeleton had flashers and strobes, also on the rear. Bundled into the vanes of the exoskeleton was a remote override operating system. In the mask itself was a neural guidance system, a vocal projection system, an audio defense system and a retractable thermo resist blackout visor. On the shoulders were retractable multi response rocket launchers, which also contained live round magazines, armor pierces, smoke pulses and tear gas. The arms possessed cannons, fire heat and sonic as well as machine ventilation and exhaust manifold. Also in the arms was the programming for the mass camouflage capabilities. The fingers were built with a 100 pounds per square inch tactical response prosthesis and could deploy a cape shaped bomb shield. The legs contained nitrous oxide propulsion, ejector/rocket thrust boots and anti gravity magna volt all terrain stabilizers. The back of the machine contained a rechargeable hybrid power cell fuel pack while the front had a spinal link digital core processor

5. Steel

Doctor Henry Irons was a weapons engineer but after some of his weapons were used in crimes so he faked his death and started to become a hero since the fight between superman and doomsday.

His suit grants him superhuman strength, durability, endurance, flight, various cybernetic armaments, variety of communication, sensor arrays and almost indestructible mallet.

4. Insider suit (Batman)

Bruce Wayne for sometime wore the insider suit to roam through Gotham freely the insider suit is a very powerful suit containing powers of the main members of justice league.

Spectral mode for night view, speed force mode gives superhuman speed, heat vision mode gives a concentrated beam like the kryptonians, will power mode has a finger mounted energy weapon similar to the green lantern ring, camouflage mode hives the ability to turn invisible for sometime, truth mode to determine that the person is speaking truth or not and can also give a shock, flight and the ability to teleport

3. Justice Buster armor

Justice Buster armor created by Batman can take down every member of the justice league as quickly as possible.

Batman first used it when he was suddenly attacked by Wonder Woman at his new base in Old Wayne Tower. He beats Diana by using the "Bind of Veils" which makes her believe she won by killing him. When Flash attacked him, Batman beats him by using armor's servers that are fast enough to map Flash's movements (if he isn't at full speed) and then react to him firing a friction less coating. He defeated Aquaman by shooting him with a foam capable to suck the moisture out of Aquaman each time he tries to break free. The suit also has an electromagnetic nerve tree designed to take down Cyborg and a citrine neutralize to combat Hal Jordan.

The suit is also shown to be capable of handling Superman punches. The suit is equipped with knuckles called Red Giants, each contains microscopic red suns, collected from dead solar system with the aid of Ray Palmer. The suit is also equipped with a plasma shield capable of deflecting Superman's heat vision and thrust and thermal to counteract Superman's freeze breath, in the event of last resorts the internal structure of the helmet houses a piece of chew able toxic synthetic rubber. Butadiene based polymer made using radioactive kryptonian dust particles, coined as kryptonite gum by Alfred.

2. Hell bat suit

Hell Bat armor was created by the help of every member of justice league.

The suit grants abilities such as Shape shifting nano robotic cape which transforms and reshapes into any number of configurations via thought, enabling a host of uncanny special features, High-speed Flight, Construct Creation, Shielding, Blade Shifting, Swarm Dispersal/Culmination, Ability to transfer all power to the chest insignia port, the latter of which can be used to send out a powerful blast of energy, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced durability, Enhanced Speed and Cloaking Tech. The armor is extremely durable and Batman was able to defeat Kalibak and an army of Parademons with it.

1. Superboy Prime

Superboy Prime is a kryptonian and has all the ability of kryptonians such a heat vision, flight, superhuman strength etc.

Later Superboy prime in prison created a power suit out of anti monitor's body which nearly finished all his weaknesses. The suit grants Superboy prime invulnerability to magic, invulnerability to power mimicry, Prime flight speeds (able to travel light years in seconds & time travel), Energy absorption, Prime breath (able to freeze a red star) Kryptonite & Red sun Immunity and prime strength (shown to move planets out of orbit, create small/big bangs creating life or destruction through a clap), limits seemingly boundless as he grows stronger with every enemy encounter, use of powers, & or injury.

This is my list of top 10 DC suits if you think of some others tell me in the comments below.

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© 2018 Abuzar


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