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Top 10 Reasons You Gotta Love Autumn

Updated on September 14, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to...

love autumn!
love autumn! | Source

Top 10 Reasons You Gotta Love Autumn

The autumn season-- you gotta love it.

Each season has its own charms, but if I had to pick just one that never ceases to amaze me it's autumn. There's just so much going on in autumn, it's a veritable feast for the senses. The sights, the smells, and the feelings-- I don't know about you but so much in the autumn season makes me feel good and grabs my attention! I love all the seasons, but I look forward to September every year all the same.

These are my top 10 reasons you gotta love autumn-- tell me if you agree, or comment with your own ideas!

10) The Nip in the Air

I look forward to autumn, and to that nip coming into the air. That little bit of a chill is just invigorating. I love breathing in the fresh air on a crisp autumn day. I love when the sun warms my skin as the air chills it simultaneously. Being able to throw open the windows on an autumn afternoon to air out the house is a beautiful thing.

After the heat of the summer, I look forward to the relief. Not that summer is a bad time-- but I'm not a fan of the heat. Unless I'm in air conditioning or very close to water I can jump into, I'm not a happy camper. And winter has some things I look forward to, but I can wait. In the meantime, give me a good, long autumn season.

9) The Warmth All Around

It's funny that in the very season in which the weather begins to turn cold, everything else begins to get warm. Part of the charm of autumn is that juxtaposition, I suppose.

Autumn brings its wind, its chill, its damp days, and next thing you know you're dragging out the quilts, pulling on the fuzzy slippers, sipping hot cocoa and cuddling by the fire. Even the colors are warm when autumn comes. Whereas in the summer you look to duck the heat, in autumn you begin seeking it out. There's just something so comforting and cozy about the whole season.

Autumn Warmth

Enjoy the fall!
Enjoy the fall! | Source

8) Back to School

I know this is not a favorite time for a lot of people, but I guess I'm a geeky exception. I still love taking classes when I get a chance, or teaching classes when the opportunity arises-- and this usually starts in autumn.

As a parent, I love when the kids-- who by the end of the summer are usually complaining of boredom-- get back into their activities and seeing their friends.

At risk of making myself sound even nerdier, I must make a confession: I get off on school and office supplies. I go crazy at the back to school sales at dollar stores and discount shops, stocking up on folders, notebooks, glue sticks, pens and pencils. I can't get enough, even though two years later I'll end up giving half of it away.

Fall Fashions

Dress for autumn.
Dress for autumn. | Source

7) Fall Fashions

Nothing makes me happier to get out of shorts and bathing suits and back into jeans and bulky sweaters. And I don't just mean for body-conscious reasons-- summer is just too hot for layering and accessories, and winter makes you cover everything up with a big ol' coat.

Autumn, on the other hand, is again, just perfection. The new looks, all the layering you can do-- it's just awesome. It's such great fun to me to shop for new clothes in the autumn. Besides, my complexion just goes with those deeper autumn colors.

6) Balsam Scents

One of the more subtle things that I love about autumn is how it smells. It's earthy and spicy at the same time. I guess all those decomposing leaves, branches, pine cones and grass, the dampness setting in and the breeze carrying those scents results in the air being laden with woodsy odors that reminds me of hikes in the mountains and camping in the forest.

Outdoors are not the only place you encounter smells. Spices also seem to be everywhere in autumn. As the season progresses, everywhere you go seems to have the scent of things like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. I guess those warm spices come from all the warm foods and baking people do when the summer is over.

5) Farmer's Markets

It's the harvest season, and farmer's markets are one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning. I like to head over to the weekend markets in the downtown area where I live. I start by just finding a nice place to sit with a newspaper and a pumpkin spiced coffee, and I sit and people watch. I might bring a notebook and pen that I picked up at the back to school sales and jot down some ideas I want to write about, or pen a letter to a friend.

After a while I get up and browse, picking up some fresh produce to bring home for dinner, some apples to bake into a pie, some jars of jelly or pickled peppers-- who knows what little treasures will be found?

4) Tasty Treats

Just like everything else about the season, autumn foods are spicy scented and heart-warming. I love a good, hot soup or a nice, rib-sticking stew that's been bubbling on the stove all day. I can't wait to race home and put on the kettle for a good herbal tea.

Everything from the farmer's market is so fresh and crisp, autumn just makes me want to cook. It also makes me want to bake-- something I don't do much of in the summer. When autumn comes, I go back to making muffins for breakfast or homemade bread for dinner on Sundays. I'm more likely to bake pies or cookies in the autumn, too, and the smells coming from the oven drive me wild.

Have Some!

Autumn Soup
Autumn Soup | Source

Adorable Thanksgiving Autumn Fashion!

3) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving gets overlooked, but it's my family's favorite holiday. My turkey is the bomb. I love making a big fuss over the meal. Most of the year I look for fast and simple recipes, but Thanksgiving I go all out. I like to decorate, putting up my leafy wreaths and floral bouquets and place cards.

I love Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I look forward to company. I look forward to leftovers all weekend while I curl up and do a bit of Christmas shopping online. And a wonderful time is had by all.

Halloween is in Autumn!

Celebrate Halloween!
Celebrate Halloween! | Source

Halloween Activity

2) Halloween

Need I say more? Really? Come on-- Halloween rocks!

It's a time when I can get my freak on and no one seems to care (or, at least, they care a bit less). It's a great time to let the imagination loose and indulge in a little fantasy. It's good, clean, scary fun. I love decorating for Halloween, dressing up, carving jack-o-lanterns and passing out the candy to the neighborhood kids. I love horror movies and all that fun stuff like haunted hay rides and creepy ghost walks.

I don't understand why they haven't made Halloween a federal national holiday yet. I really don't. Did you ever see people go all out for Labor Day or President's day? But look at the stores and houses on Halloween-- clearly the American public has spoken.

1) The beauty of nature

There it is-- the number one reason you gotta love autumn. Nature is in all its glory and splendor in the fall. It's absolutely beautiful, from the turning leaves to the migrating birds passing through, the flowers make their last show in full bloom before they're ready to nod for the winter.

Whether it's golden sunlight streaming through the red and yellow leaves on a sunny afternoon, or the rain coming down on an overcast day, the lengthening nights that stretch shadows over the streets or the fields ripe for harvest, everywhere I go in nature in the fall seems to be a dramatic, breathtaking sight to behold. Mother Nature outdoes herself in the fall, and it makes me feel grateful to be alive.

The Splendor of the Fall

Scenic autumn image.
Scenic autumn image. | Source

Your Turn!

Which one of these is why you gotta love autumn?

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© 2014 Mackenzie Wright


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