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Top 10 Vampire Romance Books

Updated on November 5, 2015

The is undeniably something fundamentally romantic about vampires. They are at the same time powerful and dangerous, yet tragic figures. Many of the best recent romantic books have been based on vampires.

There several different kinds of romantic vampire novels, each of which appeal to a different kind of reader. You will find several of the best ones in our top 10 vampire romance books list.

Vampire Academy

What makes Vampire Academy different and in my opinion better than the other teen vampire books, is that it's set in a world that is much more real and gritty. Creating this spectacular backdrop is a testament to Richelle Mead skill as a writer.

In Vampire Academy two school going vampires: Rose and Lissa must master their abilities. Only then will they be able to protect themselves from a violent clan of Strigoi vampires.

I recommend getting the box set. The books are so compelling you will end up wanting them all.

Companions of the Night

Campanions of the Night begins when Kerry, a teenage girl, goes to the laundromat, at night to look for her brother's stuffed toy. While she is there some men drag a bloodied teen into the laundromat claiming he is a vampire. Kerry doesn't believe in vampires so she helps the guy escape.

So begins their steamy romantic adventure.

Sookie Stackhouse

The popular TV series True Blood is based on this series of books. In the books the focus is more on Sookie and less on the series's supporting actors.The books introduce many different supernatural creatures and goes into far greater detail than the TV show.

Though Sookie Stackhouse has plenty of romance going on it, it depends less on sex than the TV series does.

The stories are sufficiently different for any one who has watched the series to enjoy the books.

The Vampire's Kiss

In Vampire's Kiss Savannah's twin brother and his wife were brutally murdered. Now she is being hunted by the same monster. To survive and avenge her brother's death she makes a deal with a vampire.

He will transform her and in return she will be his mate for all eternity.

The Queen of the Damned

You cannot have a list of vampire books without the master of the genre: Anne Rice. Her books where made famous by the screen adaptation of Interview with a Vampire.

In this, perhaps her finest work, the vampire Lestat discovers an Egyptian queen vampire who has been sleeping in her tomb for centuries. Lestat's passion for love, life and music awakes and restores her, from her century long slumber.

Hollywood made a movie based on this book, but they mangled it quite badly. If you saw the movie, don't be put off. The book is much, much better.


Twilight is aimed at the young and the young at heart. The vampires though broody aren't that scary. The books are best described as an easy relaxing read. The sex in the books are also toned down for younger readers.

The book is a great easy escape for a few worry free hours.

The books also have a more light-hearted comedic edge, which went missing in the movies.

The Silver Kiss

The silver kiss is a very well written vampire novel for young adult readers.The book has all the elements: comedy, tragedy, romance and horror all in one.

Zoe is a girl with a troubled home life. She starts seeing a boy watching her periodically. When she eventually talks to him it turns out he is a vampire.

Den of Shadows

Sarah is a 17 year old whose world is black and white. Vampires are bad and witches like Sarah hunt them to save their victims. Sarah has trained all her life to hunt down vampires and kill them.

But as she finds out not all vampires are evil. She meets a brother and sister who have given up human blood and have been weakened by the lack there of. She can't bring herself to kill these vampires who aren't a threat to anybody.

Vampire Kisses

Raven is a 16 year old goth girl who always wanted to grow up to be a vampire. She is tragically misunderstood by her hippie parents.

She meets a real vampire boy named Alexander. Eventually she learns that being loved for who you are is more important than what you are.

Halfway to the Grave

Cat Crawfield has been a vampire hunter since she learned that her father was a vampire who raped her mother. Cat's mother fears her daughters paranormal powers.

Cat meets a master vampire called Bones. Bones offers her a deal. He will teach her everything he knows and in return she will kill certain vampires for him.

If you enjoyed top 10 vampire romance books you might also like to read top 10 books for teenage girls.

Top 10 romantic vampire books
Top 10 romantic vampire books
Top ten Vampire Romance Books
Top ten Vampire Romance Books

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