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Top 10 Redneck Stereotypes

Updated on July 3, 2015

What in the World Is a Redneck?

No, a redneck is not someone with a sunburnt neck or someone who painted their neck red. Most have heard that rednecks are poor trailer trash and inbred truckers who chew tobacco, hate Yankees, and spend their days drinking three 24 packs of beer.

This has been the general idea for as long as anyone can remember, and it's a widely-held misconception. Rednecks are the same as regular people, just with a different mindset. For example, while most people would give up when given the task of fixing the mirror that got knocked off a new truck, a redneck hits Walmart, gets a roll of duct tape, and fixes it for under 5 bucks. Sure, it don't look good, but if it works, it will do just fine.

Read on to discover the top ten stereotypes about rednecks and whether or not they are true.

Old redneck.
Old redneck.

#10: Rednecks are Inbred

Stereotype #10 is that rednecks are all inbred. This is not true. Yeah, there are more inbred rednecks than there are in other populations, but there are still very few.

#9: Rednecks Like Big Trucks

The 9th most popular stereotype is that rednecks like big engines. But really, who doesn't like a big engine? They are just fricking awesome. While most people choose gas mileage over engine size, a redneck gets the biggest engine he can shove into his Ford pickup. This is somewhat true. If they have the money, they will buy the biggest truck they can; if not, they will still drive the mess out of whatever they have.

Trucks: The Bigger the Better?
Trucks: The Bigger the Better? | Source

#8: Rednecks are Mudboggers

I have never met a redneck that won't mud bog. Mud bogging is driving a vehicle to a big mud hole, driving in, and slinging mud everywhere, so this stereotype is (to my knowledge) a 100% true.

#7: Rednecks Love to Hunt

Hunting is a way of life for many and I can't stress that enough. Many people, not just rednecks and southern folk, love to hunt. So yeah, a lot of rednecks hunt, but a lot also don't, so the stereotype is false.

#6: Rednecks Love Guns

Stereotype #6 is that all rednecks run around with shotguns in their trucks, and rifles in their arms. While it is true that rednecks like guns, so does any other meat-eating American. So in a way, the stereotype is true.

Redneck Zombie Killing Team
Redneck Zombie Killing Team | Source

#5: Rednecks Go Fishing

Y'all still here? The fifth stereotype is fishing, the real man's pastime. I won't say everyone likes to fish, but a lot of rednecks do, so make that one more stereotype that is somewhat true.

#4: Rednecks Chew

That wacky tobaccy! In every picture of the American redneck, you see a giant bulge under the lip, and you say wtf?!?! That all rednecks love their chewing tobacco is stereotype number four: A lot of them do it, but not all.

#3: Rednecks are Stupid

I won't say everyone, but a majority of people think rednecks are stupid. Not every redneck is an idiot. It's about half and half, same as regular people. Half and half. So this one is false.

Redneck Santa?
Redneck Santa? | Source

#2: Rednecks Wear Camo

Camo (or camouflage) is clothing you wear while you hunt to blend in. Nowadays it's a popular trend to wear camo on a daily basis, regular items such as hats or shirts. I personally wear camo every day and a lot of others do, too, so I'm going to have to call this stereotype true.

#1: Rednecks are Racist

(Drumroll, please....)

We are finally here at the number one redneck stereotype, that they are racist. This one is completely, absolutely, 100% false. There may be a few racist rednecks, but the vast majority of us are not. This is a stereotype I hear every day and it is why society looks down at rednecks and treats them like dirt. Plain and simple, it just ain't right.

(This article is not meant to offend anyone and isn't directed towards anyone in particular. It is meant for entertainment, so chill, relax, and enjoy :D)


What do you think?

After reading this, has your view of rednecks changed?

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    • profile image


      23 months ago

      I love the point where this guy says rednecks are not stupid. "It's about half and half, same as regular people. Half and half." Seems to forget that he's already said that. :)

      Then there's Rednecks are not racist. If I go mock Jesus in front of your dumb redneck face, are you offended? Do you think I should stop? Yet you fly a confederate and sometimes nazi flag and claim it's "heritage not hate." When the truth is, your heritage is hateful. Your a racist of you tolerate the flag of people who brutalized people for generations by anybody you know.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Everyone in the comments is hating on the guy's English, which was pretty good except for a few typos (typos are really common on the internet, idiots). Most importantly, he conveyed his point. The people who were hating on him - you're the real racists, simply because you're discriminating someone for being racist while being racist yourselves. I personally don't agree with the #1 stereotype, because a lot of rednecks are against other races or other genders, and will be voting for Trump (a dedicated racist, xenophobe, anti LGBTQ and anti women dude). But apart from that, great article. Hoping I got my English right, because otherwise I'll have a bunch of hypocrites hating on me.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I don't know why everyone hates us but just so yall know WE DONT GIVE A DAMN. So yall can keep on hatin all yall want but just remember that aint nobody gonna be laughing at rednecks when the apocalypse happens.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I liked it ! It was entertaining and a good laugh!:)

    • astevn816 profile image


      5 years ago from Gainesville , Florida

      the attitude is sterotyped a lot but the truth is the type is very loyal

    • profile image

      Lived there 

      5 years ago

      Don't hate guys celebrate! In my experience, everything he said was true. When it comes to the gudgmental nature of rednecks, it was my experience that if someone is judgmental it's not usualy meant to be taken as a personal attack. I think middle school is just bad for everybody.

    • profile image

      a true southerner 

      5 years ago

      Y'all are the same and disgrace my TX heritage. Most are racist and puss-out around non-whites, are extremely obese mayonnaise eating pig-eyed fucks. A distorted knowledge of mechanics and only owning land because their great great grand pappy owned it, stare too much and wear camp with bright neon logos? That either defeats the purpose of camp or makes them superficial and brand specific. Please stay in your trailer watching duck dynasty. The point of your post? Obviously proves you are the stupid half of rednecks with your grammar. But this is not an angry post because I know your kind is getting thinned out

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Why is this "sterotype" page is completely false, just because you think this doesn't mean it is true to any means.

      While you're thinking about your next post, lets try to fix this one

      Stereotype 1- (drum roll) (W)we are finally here(,) the number one redneck stereotype out there. This sentence is just completely wrong.(that they are racist). This one is completely absolutely (50%)100% false. There may be a few, but the vast majority of us rednecks are not. This is one i hear every day, it is why society looks down at rednecks like dirt. Plain and simple, it just aint(isn't) right.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Redneck Stereotype Number 11: Rednecks cannot spell and have poor grammar. This one is 100% true as we can tell by reading the previously mentioned stereotypes.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Jeez, learn how to spell! Or at LEAST capitalize American!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Sorry, but I couldn't take this seriously after I read the wrong form of "their" early on.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I look down on you as dirt because you guys judge people. I lived in a town full of you awful camp wearing, gun fucking, judgmental freaks and my childhood was ruined because of extreme bullying. Why? Because I was from DC! I rarely hate anyone, but I'm sad to say that rednecks are the only exception. They literally ruined my life. I can't even make friends properly because of the shit I've gone through from you "ima so tough with Mah camo" types

    • Geekdom profile image


      7 years ago

      I chilled, I relaxed and I enjoyed. :)


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