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Top 10 unique stocking present fillers perfect for young girls, women and girlfriends

Updated on December 7, 2013

Displayed below are some of the most unique stocking fillers that will really impress your loved one, no tacky cheap presents which one will never use again, but reasonably priced quality!

For an even greater gift idea, you could combine some of these presents into a beautiful Christmas hamper. Your girlfriend, wife, daughter or friend will LOVE the thought that has gone into the making of it.

Unique iphone 5/5s covers and cases

It Christmas time, so there is nothing better than getting in the mood with this unique iphone5 reindeer cover and protector. This unique classy design cannot be found on the high street so you can be sure that your case will stand out.

It is handmade, developed from aluminium and is just as good as any other protector.

There are many different cases to be here found, so you'll be sure to find a unique product for your girlfriend, family member or friend.

Unique iphone 5 cases

Wise words coasters

Wise words coasters

These wide Words coasters come in a variety of colours to suit any lounge, kitchen or theme in your or a friends house.

The coasters make a great gift and come wrapped in stylish tissue, conveying nothing but quality to the recipient.

The coasters are currently available in four sayings:

Save Water Drink Champagne (Bright Pink)

Save Water Drink Wine (Red)

When Life Gives You Lemons Grab Tequila & Salt (Yellow)

When In Doubt Brew Up (Blue)

Cognitive disturbance

Need the perfect book to read and relax this christmas, read one of Amazons most exciting new reads of 2013. The books is centered around Leopold Von Tiller, a man who has become successful undeterred by the harsh conditions that lie in the heart of Los Mirra.

When his best friend's life is in danger, Leopold find himself waging a war on several fronts, juggling his life between business, romance and nefarious criminal gangs who main objective is to silence Leopold from exposing their schemes,

Packed with intense action, unreciprocated love and betrayal, Cognitive Disturbance is a compelling read that will appeal to fans of crime thrillers.

Stylish women Christmas jumper

These christmas jumpers for women are both stylish and come in extra soft grade high quality material.

Know somebody who just loves christmas jumpers? they will most certainly love these.

Fitted perfectly for the female shape, and both warm whilst not being itchy, these jumpers can be worn in snow, rain, as pyjamas, or even out to a festive party!

Available in sizes XS to XXXL, they are made to fit any body shape.


Cosy knitted jumper candle holders

Create a cozy atmosphere in your house with these knitted style jumpers for candles. They can also be used for pots, flower vases.

They look beautiful and will update any tired looking home, conveying style and elegance

The candles holders are available in three different designed, and can therefore be used on short or longer candles, and even thin and thick candles. They are also available in a range of colours
The delivery also comes gift wrapped, ready to give to your girlfriend, family member or friend!

Personalised reindeer present sack

This hand made heavy linen Christmas sack is the perfect unique and personal Christmas gift for any female (or male). The sack is designed to last for many years and is embroidered with intricate details.

Imagine the magic in your child's eyes when they wake up on Christmas morning to discover their own personal sack filled with presents!

Or imagine the appreciate of your girlfriend or wife to find their personal Christmas stocking stacked with thoughtful gifts from you.


Hot chocolate gift pack

For those who love hot chocolate out there, this is the perfect gift for those enjoy watching TV on the sofa, watching a movie whilst sipping the sweet goodness from within.

The set has the more than needed in order to prepare the ultimate hot chocolate. Inside the gift pack, milk chocolate, hot cocoa and an assortment of toppings is included from the world famous chocolatier in Belgium.

This will certainly be a drinking experience unlike any other.

Inspitation canvas wall prints


These canvas prints come in a variety of colours and quotes, which will light up any room, and make a perfect gift for anyone.

Engagement ring

Yes, of course it is a bit pricy for a stocking filler, but in the ultimate gesture of romance, buy your loved one this 0.59 white gold engagemeng ring and wrap it neatly, placing it inside the stocking. She won't be expecting it, but her joy and happiness will speak more than 1000 words to you after she discovers it inside her personalised stocking!

Perfect romance, and you'll be the perfect man.

Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Perfect for music lovers, and a lovely decoration for the travelling lovers out there, this ukulele comes in stylish mahogany with a satin finish.

Gift wrap it in stylish christmas paper and surprise a loved one this christmas!


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