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Top 20 Indian Funny and Weird Pics - Hilarious Indian Photographs

Updated on July 20, 2012

In this hub, I will publish some of the Top 20 hilarious and funny Indian pics which I have collected over the time. Wherever I have taken from other websites, I will provide their links so that you can see some more on their websites. Anyway, we know India is a land of strange things. You can always see strange things happening near you which are not only weird but funny at the same time. And when you see those things, as an Indian we always say 'It Happens Only in India'.

So here goes the list and I hope you will enjoy them a lot.

1. Just Do IT

This picture reminds me of the Indian attitude, both positive and negative. Positive, because Indians are never shy of doing anything no matter how funny it may looks. That makes us great risk takers. On the other side, negative because as in this case, you don't care that you are are damaging public property and peeing in full public view brings bad name to the country. However, this is largely due to lack of sanitation facilities.

Just do it.
Just do it.

2. Tale of Two Beggers

I have named the next picture as 'Tale of Two beggers' to illustrate the difference between two. The first begger who begs for your vote is not poor. In fact he is super rich beyond your imaginations. This begger is called politician. The other one if of course one of us who begs for few pennies. Now we have to decide, which one we should help.

tale of two beggers
tale of two beggers

3. Why Accident Happens on Indian roads

If you are doing research on causes of accidents on Indian roads, then the next picture might help you to find the biggest reason of accidents. When you are on any Indian road, this is the common sights. No matter how modern we get, we Indian males still need some time to get out of this age old habit. Probably the next generation may get out of this sick mindset.

Why Accident happens on Indian Road
Why Accident happens on Indian Road | Source

4. No Rules for VIP

The below pic of India's first prime minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru will tell you that not only now but ever since India got Independence, there have been no rule for VIPs. Rule, regulations and laws are only for common man. For Rich, powerful and VIPs, there are no laws and even if there are, these people know how to by pass it.

No Rules for VIPs
No Rules for VIPs | Source

5. Who is the Boss

If you have been imagining about who is running the country, I hope all your doubts will get clearing after watching the next pic. We as a nation are having the weakest Prime minister of our time. PM, Manmohan Singh is probably the best economist, but at the same time worst PM we have ever seen. An old Hindi saying comes to my mind 'Jiska kaam usi ko saaje'. If Sonia wants to rule the country, she should become the PM herself and let Man mohan take care of economy.

Who is the boss?
Who is the boss?

6. Height of Competition

The next picture in the series show the height of competition in Indian market after 1991 economic reforms. And this has been good for end consumers. For example, flying in an aircraft was a dream for all of us in 1980s and early part of 1990s. However, due to reforms, new player entered the market, started competition and as a result common man could also fly due to much reduced fare.

Height of Competition
Height of Competition | Source

7. Now that's what I call Multiuser tasking

The next pic is simply hilarious, best example of doing optimal use of a resource. Why to wait for some one to come out best friends can share. Or you can name this pics as 'ye Dosti, hum nahi chodenge'.

Ye Dosti hum nahi chodenge
Ye Dosti hum nahi chodenge

8. Why to Pay when you can travel free

As I have said earlier, we Indians are never shy of doing anything and we make sure to use every resource around us to optimum level. The next pic is an example of that. If you can travel free, why to pay for that. Simply, hilarious..

Why to pay when you can travel free
Why to pay when you can travel free

9. Height of Jugaad

we are probably the biggest Jugaadu of the worlds. Whether you call it Jugaad or innovation, we are best at it as depicted by the below two pics. In the first one, the person want to be behind a steering. If he couldn't get it, he got steering to his bicycle. In the second one, this auto-rickshaw wala wants to fly, so if he couldn't get a helicopter, he got a tail in his auto-rickshaw.

Bicycle with steering
Bicycle with steering
Auto rickshaw with a Tail
Auto rickshaw with a Tail

10. Baap Ka Baap

Have you ever heard that saying 'Sher to Sava Sher' or 'Sabka Baap isi duniya me hota hai'. If not, see the pic below and you will understand. Indian you will hardly imagine any one fighting with a police wala unless your father is a MLA, MP or minister.

Bap ka Baap
Bap ka Baap

Next Ten Funny Pictures------------>>>>> (coming soon)

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