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Top 5 Most powerful Marvel Super Heroes-Strongest Characters

Updated on July 11, 2014

Superheroes can be now considered as the new breed developed in the 19th century.Firstly,they became popular once after displaying them in comic books.Later they have spread to Movies,Television shows and many more.Now a days,major part of comic books are based on superhero criteria.A character is said to be a super hero if has extraordinary talents or superhuman powers.A female superhero is sometimes called as superheroine.There are also some of the famous superheroines who have appeared in Dc comics and movies.

During the start,even the superheroes have started as humans with no special powers.Slowly,as the time passes,they have started gaining some superhuman powers day by day.Meanwhile,some of those characters have gained more popularity with their powers.Some have crossed the other superheroes in terms of superpowers.This is how it made a list of most powerful Marvel superhero characters in the world.If all have same powers,then all characters would be first or all characters would be last.But,as these superheroes differ in their powers,it made me easy to choose the top 5 most powerful marvel characters.i hope you all like this List.Please vote for your favorite character in the pole capsule below.This list starts with 5 and counts down to 1.

5) Batman

Many of you wonder that Batman should be at the first place.But,it is not so.There are few marvel characters which are powerful enough to beat Batman.Batman is more powerful in movies where Batman is the only leading role.But,in Marvel characters he stands 5th place in the list of most powerful Marvel characters.

To say,batman actually do not have any superpowers like the other Superheroes.He became one of the superhero by years and years of rigorous practice.With his practice,he gained his agility and aerobatic skills.He learnt nearly 125 arts of fighting and can break the walls,root up the trees with his one hand.He always wears a bullet proof Nomex fire suit which is black in color.

4) One above All

He is known to be the Creator God or the God Creator and is believed to be the most powerful person ever in the marvel universe.He has control over almost everything.If something wrong happens,he can stop the time and can never make it happen.Also,he can control other humans of the marvel universe.His true ability is yet to be known and it is believed that he can even destroy the Galaxies.

Many people think him to be powerless.Although this is not a fictional character of marvel universe,many people think so as his name is mentioned very few times in the comics and Movies.He is unofficially cited as the Marvel's creator.

3) Thor

Thor is one of the most famous character that appears in the Marvel comics.This is also one of the oldest marvel comic characters as it first appeared in 1962.His complete name is Thor Odison and his place of origin is Asgard.Thor also stood 14th in top 100 comics according to IGN.There are many superhero movies released where Thor plays the Lead role.Some of them are Thor: The Dark World,The Avengers etc.

As he is considered as a god,his powers have no particular limit.His hammer,Mjolnir has supernatural connection with Thor.He can bring back his hammer from anywhere in the world to elsewhere within seconds.He can even fly in air with great speed.He can also manipulate the weather by creating rain,storms etc.

2) Hulk

Hulk is an American superhero who joined the Marvel universe in 1962.Hence,is is also considered as the oldest Marvel character.This character was designed by Stan lee and Jack kirby.In all the comics,one can observe Hulk as a green Humanoid having almost infinite strength.There are many super powers for Hulk.Only Thor can be a rival for Hulk in terms of strength.He is third to no one in terms of superpowers.

Hulk can lift weight of 100 tonnes when he is calm and silent.But,during the war times,we have also seen him lifting a mountain which weighs nearly 150 Billion tons.A normal person can jump up to maximum of 2 meters.But,hulk can jump miles with in just one leap.

1) Superman

Superman is second to no one in terms of superpowers.He is the most powerful Marvel character in the marvel universe.Superman first appeared in 1938 in Action comics.His adopted name is Clark Jerome Kent.His place of origin is krypton and has partnerships with batman,Wonder woman and Super girl.

He can absorb Solar energy which is one of his strongest super power.He also has great strength with which he can lift weights that are actually 100's of times more heavier to him.Invulnerability,healing factor are some of the important superpowers of Superman.It is also said that he can move faster than a moving bullet which means he can stop the bullet before it hits him or tries to hit Him.

That's it.This is the list of most powerful marvel characters.Please vote for your Favorite Character below.Please note that this list includes only marvel characters and DC comic characters (all) are not considered.

Vote for your Favorite.

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    • profile image

      Anon 2 years ago

      Why isn't Deadpool in this? As he has killed all of the Avengers team including Wolverine using a carbonadium sword which is used to nullify healing factors and he has a healing factor that can regenerate his whole body even if it has been melted down

    • profile image

      Captain Cap 3 years ago

      The most powerful Marvel characters?

      The One Above All

      Thanos With Heart of the Universe

      PR Beyonder

      PR Molecule Man

      Galactus? (maybe?)

      Batman and Superman are DC.

    • profile image

      Jared Gibson 3 years ago

      The title is misleading makes one believe there will be from each universe