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Top 5 Sexiest Justice League Girls

Updated on September 18, 2017

What is this?

This is a list of some of the hottest girls the Justice League has to offer. The Justice League in many ways is kinda like Marvel's Avengers except DC, they have had many members over the years including varies individuals from other teams such has the Teen Titans or Doom Patrol. I am going to try to avoid bringing anyone in from the Teen Titans for they have been a big enough team over the years that they can have a board of there own. Now I admit it, I am not that familiar with the full rooster of the Justice League, but I have done some research and I think you all will be quit happy with the girls I have gathered. And with that, counting down from 5 lets have a look at the ladies.

Black Canary

Kinda like a siren if you will.
Kinda like a siren if you will.

Fifth Place

Dinah Lance or Black Canary first appeared in Justice League of America #75 November, 1969. Aside from her Canary cry which can shatter even metal, Black Canary is highly skilled in multiple forms of armed and unarmed combat and she is very skilled in stealth. Black Canary is not at all shy about showing off her curves on or off the field of combat. Very series about her work she may not be the most fun girl to be with but you waould be sure to have one of the most beautiful girls in any place you would go to visit although that may be the case it is her attitude that puts her in fifth place.

Wonder Woman

Number 1 as far as strong females go.
Number 1 as far as strong females go.

Fourth Place

Wonder Woman first appeared in All Star Comics #8 December, 1941. Wonder Woman or princess Diana of Themyscira is a super hero, amazonian warrior and ambassador, Wonder Woman is a very busy and important figure in the DC comics let alone a female. On top of what I said before, Wonder Woman is on of the most powerful characters able to trade punches with even the most powerful characters in the universe including Superman and Darkseid. And although not a real power in it's self, Wonder Woman was blessed by Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love. Wonder Woman is without one of the hottest girls in the DC universe but also she is a very series and busy one and for me personally she has always had a very stern face that makes me look to other women.

Power Girl

Great girl, strange outfit.
Great girl, strange outfit.

Third Place

Power Girl first appeared in All-Star Comics #58 February, 1976. Kara Zor-L (Kara Zor-El in the New 52) has always been a Supergirl from another time and dimension so if you know what Supergirl or Superman can do then you have a pretty good idea of just what Power Girl can do. Has you can see, Power Girl is not shy about showing off her curves or her bust in fact her costume seems to call attention to them. Power Girl may be on of the greatest girls DC has to offer for her smart mind and fun attitude, although she can be a little short tempered at times which when she can lift pretty much anything over her head and fire heat beams from her eyes can a little scary to be with.


Very pretty and very powerful.
Very pretty and very powerful.

Second Place

Zantana Zatara is both a real magician and show room magician, so she knows all the tricks. Zantana is part of a sub-human race of people called homo-magi, which are highly adept to using magic and even come from Atlantis, of course that was thousands of years ago, Zantana herself was born in San Francisco. Ever since her first appearance in Hawkman #4 November 1964, Zantana has always been a very powerful ally to the Justice League and a very pretty addition to any team of heroes. With her good looks and happy go lucky personality, it is no wonder just how this magician manged to pull the certain in front of us and move to second places on this pull.


She should be modeling instead of crime fighting.
She should be modeling instead of crime fighting.

First Place

Huntress first appeared in Huntress #1 April, 1989. Although she may not be the most powerful member of the team, when it comes to sheer skill and abilities she may be the closes to Batman. Helena Bertinelli (Helena Wayne in the New 52) is like batman, skilled in many forms of armed and unarmed combat, stealth and just has an understanding of the criminal mind. Huntress exposes allot of her flesh and figure with the intention of distracting the opposing force what ever it may be, that being said she very skilled to keep that awesome body from getting even the smallest scratch. Certainly (The both of them having come from the same alternative universe in the New 52) Huntress works with Power Girl acting almost as a female equivalent to Batman and Superman, and even though she doesn't have nearly the power of her friend, she still manages to not only help but even save her life now and then. For both being hot and smart and fun to be with Huntress as every right to be number 1 on this list.

They are all Winners

There are plenty that I didn't count.
There are plenty that I didn't count.

This list was very hard for me to do, every time i thought I was settled on someone I remembered someone else like Catwoman or something, and then there were times I wanted to place Power Girl in first or maybe put Wonder Woman at the top however In the end, I think Huntress is the best and sexiest of the girls in the Justice League. If any of you feel differently please send me a note and we can talk it over, hell I encourage you to tell me who you think is the hottest Justice League girl, it would be a blast. Thank you for your time and have fun reading your favorite costumed girls.


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      Connor saunders 

      2 years ago

      This article blows


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