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Wayne Dyer Books - Top 5

Updated on October 14, 2011

Best Wayne Dyer Books

Wayne Dyer is internationally acclaimed writer and speaker. He is one of the 'new age' gurus, who created substantial influence on his readers with his clarity of thinking and a new way of explaining the spiritual principles. He is a doctorate in educational counseling from Wayne State University and was working as associate professor at St John University at Newyork, before he took up writing as a full profession.

Apart from books, he appeared in thousands of radio and television shows, and created many audio and video programs.

Most of his works are related to personal growth, spirituality and meditation. In this hub, top five of the Wayne Dyer Books are presented from among forty he had written.

Happiness is easy, but learning not to be unhappy can be difficult

-Wayne Dyer from Your Erroneous Zones

Your Erroneous Zones by Wayne Dyer

Most of us are beaten by guilt and worry and act in self destructive behavior, many times unaware of it. In this book, Dr Wayne Dyer provides solutions to help us get better. The basic approach by the author is two fold in this book. (a) We have the ability to make choices about our own emotions (b) We need to take charge of the present moment in order to experience life and learn from it. The self destructive behaviors are the erroneous zones within us and Wayne dyer address them providing the cause behind them and how we can come out them. This is a great self help book for coming out of our negativity.

No one can create anger or stress within you, only you an do that by virtue of how you process your world, or in other words, how you think.

Wayne Dyer quote from You'll see it when you believe it.

Wayne Dyer: You'll see it when you believe it

This is one of the earliest Wayne Dyer books. The title says it all, it is easy to believe something when we see that happening. However, in truth, we are the creators of our life and when we believe in something (in our thoughts and imagination), we will start seeing it externally in our lives (it gets manifested). This is because we are souls with a body rather than body with a soul and our experiences and abilities extend beyond physical. In this book, Dr Wayne Dyer explains the universal principles such as thought, synchronicity, detachment, forgiveness and abundance. And a nice bonus is the introduction which should not be skipped. Dr Wayne Dyer provides his own story in this introduction, especially his unique experience of forgiving his late father which transformed his life completely.

The more blissful and loving you are, the more divine spirit particularizes within you and more Godlike you become.

Wayne Dyer Quote from Manifest Your Destiny

Manifest your destiny: The nine spiritual principles of getting everything you want

The basic premise is - we are much more than physical and when we start making efforts to feel the oneness with our higher self, synchronicity starts happening. Starting with this, Dr Wayne Dyer breaks the big picture into nine principles, which can be practiced and experienced. In his own lucid, counseling style, Wayne Dyer provides a practical approach to getting what you want in life. The summary of the nine principles provided towards the end of this book acts like a ready reference for the readers.

By meditating we come to know God rather than know about God. However, before we can make the shift to a more enriching life, we have to tame our ego

Wayne Dyer Quoted from Getting in the Gap

Getting in the gap: Making conscious contact with God through meditation (book comes with CD)

As Wayne Dyer mentions in all his works, the first step is to contact our higher self, but how? In this book, Dr Wayne Dyer explains about meditation and provides a meditation technique called gap meditation. The gap meditation involves focusing on the gap between the thoughts. Later in this book, he explains the technique of Japa meditation (repetition of God's name) which is well an established practice in many religions across the word. The bonus concept in this book: how to use the meditative state for manifestation of our desires in our life. The accompanied CD is helpful in our practice of the gap meditation especially in the beginning as a guided practice.

You build confidence by doing; not by worrying, thinking about it, talking about it.

Wayne Dyer from What do you really want for your children?

What do you really want for your children?

All of us want our children to be happy, confident and purposeful, creative, successful and self-reliant in their lives. But are we able to imbibe the qualities we want in them? The issue is first we need to change ourselves in order to become an example to the children. In this book, Wayne Dyer provides us clarity about our goals towards our children, the practical strategies in dealing with children and the behavior issues between parents and children, showing ways to grow children physically and emotionally well. As this is also a partly social subject, everyone may not agree with all of Wayne Dyer's thoughts, nevertheless, it is a thought provoking and motivating book.

Some more Wayne Dyer books

There are many excellent books from Dr Wayne Dyer and here I tried to compile a diverse selection. Some other great picks from Dr Wayne Dyer are Real Magic. The power of intention, change your thoughts-change your life and Gifts from Eykis.

Pick up any one of the Wayne Dyer Books, it is going to provide inspiration, clarity and guidance in our lives.


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    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Very cool! I like Wayne Dyer; he inspires me. I've just finished reading Your Erroneous Zones - love his thoughts on approval and sel worth. I've also read You'll See it when you believe it and The power of Intention.