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Top Five Greek Gods

Updated on June 27, 2017

As in many other mythologies there can be one god or many, in Greek and Roman many there are many gods and while usually fitted with different names they are basically the same. Many of the gods can rule over a certain domain or be attributed to one thing or another, I will also not be going to far into their stories or lore so calm yourselves. Here are the list of my personal Top Ten Greek Gods. This isn't in any order but this will be MY top five, please enjoy.

#5, Ares. Known as God of War Ares helps those who pray to him before battle, or if he just likes the cut of your jib. Ares is a powerful warrior and seen to be very efficient in all forms of combat from both historic and modern. His sister Athena is also a goddess of war but she is more well known for her wisdom, she also usually tends to be a little more tactical then her brother. Ares has shown up in several other forms of media such as the God of War series and Percy Jackson, he has appeared in a few other books well.

#4, Poseidon. God of the sea and horses Poseidon rules the sea with a mighty seaweed covered fist of justice, and clams. With his trident he is able to command the oceans below the skies, create horses from sea foam and create large tidal waves. While I do have a rather big fear of the ocean you can't deny the fact that this man is powerful and dangerous. I don't need to be gobbled up by sharks. His weapon was also made by the god of blacksmithing, he can use it to command the waves and much more, while strong it is not seen to be as powerful as Zeus's lightning bolt. Maybe cause the lightning bolt was just made to destroy.

#3, Aphrodite. The Goddess of Love and Beauty, the name pretty much speaks for itself and if you have ever played a God of War game you will know she is about as seductive and gorgeous as they come. In many things she has been known to be the most beautiful women, but one time she turned a woman into a monster because she was jealous of her beauty. It was Medusa, at least one of the versions of the story I have read said that Aphrodite had grown jealous of the Gorgons beauty and transformed her into a hideous beast. So yeah she has jealousy issues.

#2, Artemis. Artemis is The Goddess of the Hunt, she is also the goddess of single women the last time I checked. In Percy Jackson she is a hunter who commands a group of women, they are known to be quite rude to men. There is a story of a man who had tried to catch a glimpse of the goddess naked, he had found out and turned the man into a deer or elk then set the hounds upon him, or wolves. I forget which one. In any case she tends to have somewhat of a temper and most instances she despises men.

#1, Hades. The God of the Underworld is mostly depicted as a dark figure, if we are going Disney he is a sassy little thing with a head of glowing blue hair. Hades commands the Underworld where the souls come for judgement, his pet Cerberus guards the gates to allow no living mortal to pass into the Underworld. Like his two brothers Hades has an item of rare power made by the god Hephaestus. The Helm of Darkness is an item that completely erases ones presence. No sound can be made from them and they become completely invisible. He can summon the undead to do his bidding and he is kind of a loner since many people do not like to go to the Underworld, except one goddess ate the fruit of the Underworld so now she has to stay there for half a year.

Conclusion: The Gods of the Greek world have been shown to be quite evil at times but also quite good, many other gods are not on this list but many still hold a place in the ladder if not as well known as other.


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