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Top Six Good Books for Young Adults

Updated on June 11, 2013

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YA is the way to go

Evil witches and ferocious dragons; invincible superheroes and mighty heroes; happily-ever-after stories and romantic tales: the fantasy world of young adults is weaved around all these. Even though there are comics, DVDs and T.V. channels where one can satisfy his passions very well, good books for young adults are the latest trends. Try and imagine a young adult's world without all those Frodo Bagginses and Harry Potters who hold the reins of their hearts every time. The best thing is that picking a book of their choice is very simple these days, thanks to the countless online book stores which are just a click away from their reach. Well, any teenager who is looking forward to have a glimpse at some really good books, below is a list of some good books for young adults which you can purchase and enjoy reading.

Dream Caster by Najeev Raj Nadaraja

Dream Caster is set in Toronto, Canada. It is a post apocalyptic dystopian fantasy novel. The book is unique, wonderful, fantastic and amazing. The book is very well written, with many humors moments. The story is filled with a lot of interesting and unique creatures like the Berserker trolls and new weapons such as dream catchers which has ability to dissolve magic apparitions. - Weaver the hero is not your average warrior. At 16, struggling with his own desires and fears, Weaver learns to weave dreams which will destroy the evil spun by Dream Eater. The story is a riveting tale which will keep those young adult readers who love the fantasy genre riveted.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

A fascinating story of Eragon a Dragon Rider and Saphira, his dragon who are on an exploratory quest to save Alagaesia from the clutches of Galbatorix, the evil king. One of the ultimate fantasy books for young adults.

Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

A book where adventure and action are thrown in together for the young adults to enjoy. Willow and her lover are out to kill Church of Angels, but they have hurdles as Willow is only half-angel. Soon, Willow finds herself fallen for another attractive stranger.

A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

Nothing less than an epic, it is a mind-blowing young adult fiction which is of astronomical proportion in terms of catastrophe and fantasy.

Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

The book is all about bumping into a stranger and falling in love with him; it is about agonizing pain of losing a lover; and it is about the urge to make love for one last time. You will read this book with pangs of separation and throbbing hearts. This is one of the good books for young adults.

King of Lanka by David Nair

A book for the young adults for them to connect with the epic story of Ramayana. In the book Rasita is captured by the wicked Ravindra and her friends Manjit and Vikram have to rescue her from Ravindra whose mind is plotting evil plans.

Pick up one of these good books for young adults that interest you and order at some good online bookstore. If you want a longer and deeper list come take a look at some more good books for young adults.


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