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Top Ten Books of 2010

Updated on June 15, 2011

Books - or I should say words that are put together to tell a story - have been around since the beginning of man. Some stories have become classics, ones that have been told time and time again - republished, made into movies, sewn into beautiful poetic prose. Some remain like when they were first created, unblemished, unbiased.

Every year new books are released into the world; recently with the evolution of technology many books have not even become published a hard-copy, but have made as an online download. The good thing is that the stories, as well as the context of these stories, has not changed. They are still, when stripped down, just simple words telling extraordinary stories.

Which brings me to the topic of this article - top ten books of 2010. The first thing you're wondering is how I compiled this list, so I'll tell you. I've taken the top rated books 2010, the top ten fiction books 2010, the top ten books for teenagers 2010, and even the bestselling books of 2010 and have morphed these lists together to make one, ultra-superior, list of the top ten books.

Each and everyone of these ten books is incredible in their own right, making them an excellent gift choice for Christmas (or for yourself any day, really).


How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe

This is one of my favorite books of the year and definitely one on the top ten fiction books of 2010. Why? Because it's so creatively brilliant that I'm unabashed by it.

Author: Charles Yu

Summary: How to Live Safely in a Science Fiction Universe is a book about a universe that wasn't completely finished. The physics were about 93 percent finished and their a general "sense of incompleteness" among the humans. The story follow Charles Yu, also the same name as the author, as a time machine repair-man. You can only guess what kind of events happen...

It's been one of the best selling science fiction books of 2010, as well as one of the top ten books of the year.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Although this wasn't actually a book released in 2010, it was still one of the bestselling books of 2010; which allows me to put it on a list for the top ten books of 2010. I know (a lot of 2010's).

Author: Stieg Larsson

Summary: A thrilling page turner that rivals such authors as Charlie Huston, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo follows the story of Lisabeth Salander, a societal outcast and genius. She is hired to solve a four decade long mystery.

Already made into a movie, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is by far one of the top rated books of the year, and one of the best books of 2010.


The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Every top ten list of books of 2010, or of any year, has to include books for a variety of genres. The Hundred Thousands Kingdoms is a book from the fantasy genre, an epic, full of magic and mystery, type of book. It's one of the top ten books for teenagers this year.

Author: N.K Jemisim

Summary: The first of the inheritance trilogy, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is about a heroine named Yeine Darr who, after the death of her mother is called to the city Sky. There is she named heiress to the king - something which comes to a great shock to there. Of coure turmoil and struggle follow, with the balance of the world falling into the hands of someone who doesn't know how large the world truly is.

This is one most recommended books for teens and one of the top kids books of the year.


Fall of Giants

This one is a historical fiction epic (I know, a mouthful), and is one of the best books of the year - as well as one of the best selling books 2010. It's one of the top ten novels and one of the top ten fiction of 2010. Need I say more?

Author: Ken Follet

Summary: Ken Follet has recently become more well-known because of his historical epics (Pillars of the Earth, for example), and this novel is no different. It's set in more recent times, in 1911, the start of the Great War. It follows five families through the chaos and confusion of World War, filling the spaces in between violence with love and laughter. It's book one of what is called the century trilogy.

This is my personal favorite book of the year because it is really telling of our history. You see the entire picture of world events, the opposing sides, the truth that there is no actual evil or good. This one of top ten books of 2010.


The Sky Is Everywhere

This is the realistic fiction of the top ten books of 2010. It's a riveting tale of human emotion and human desire; I highly recommended it.

Author: Jandy Nelson

Summary: Lennie Walker is seventeen years old, a book worm and a band geek. She plays clarinet and is safely overshadowed by her over achieving sister. Her sister suddenly dies; and suddenly Lennie is cast into the limelight. The story is how she deals with her different world, how she copes, how she grows.

One of the best selling books 2010, as well as top ten books of fiction, this is one great read.


Top Ten Books of 2010 - #5 - #10

The above five books of my top ten books of 2010 were my personal favorites; the next five are just as good, are still some of the best selling and top rated books of 2010. 

  • The Help
  • Who Fears Death 
  • Song of Scarabaues 
  • The Love Dare 
  • Fantasy in Death


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    • dkm27 profile image


      6 years ago from Chicago

      Great suggestions. I retired from teaching. As a reading teacher, young adult books just kept coming and I kept reading them so that I could recommend them to my students. I love YA books, but have time for grown-up ones now! Very helpful list.


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