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Top Ten Coolest Powers In Comics

Updated on June 9, 2017

Let's start this off that saying if anyone could turn invisible they would do some dirty stuff, girls or boys locker rooms look out. In any case the world of today we don't get to see men of steel fly through the air or super strength infused hulks of green smash stuff. But we can dream can't we? Here is the Top Ten list of super powers I just think would be cool to have.

#10, Spidermans. Spiderman is one of the most popular hero's and one of the strongest. His signature blue and red suit are wildly known and so are his powers. Spidey has the power to shoot actual webs from his hands in some comics while other ones just make him wear a device for it, he can climb up walls and hang from ceilings, he even has his spidey sense which allows him to sense incoming danger. Super strength, enhanced durability and flexibility also come into the show. While his powers not be to exciting if you lived in the country side being able to climb up walls and win bets you make with your friends would be pretty awesome to have.

#9, Iceman. Imagine this, it is a hot day and I mean raging hot and you cannot find something to cool yourself off, oh but wait! You remember you can turn into ice! Iceman has the ability to summon ice and snow at his own will, he can cool down the temperature of the area around him and cool down warmed up drinks. While it may not be the most extravagant of powers he can also create an ice glider, well it is more like a slide but being able to do that and glide around sky scrapers or cliffs would just be awesome as hell. Also you could throw a snowball at your jerk of a boss because he isn't paying you more for overtime.

#8, Green Lantern Ring. Well true this might technically be a weapon it still gives power to ordinary beings. The Green Lantern ring is capable of creating anything the users wishes and based on the characters will they can do so much more. Imagine this, if you can create anything you can make a jet to glide around in or a giant dragon to fly on. You can make your own car so you don't have to buy one. There is alot of things you can do with this ability, it would be awesome to confront your bully and be able to summon a Gorilla. A monkey to beat up another monkey.

#7, Magneto. Magneto is capable of controlling metal, although some just say it is only one type of metal called non-ferrous metal. His power is over electromagnetism a few sources say which allows him to control not only metal but things like security cameras and other things. Since Magneto can control metal he can build all sorts of things, imagine having that kind of power. Wanna build your own home? Boom your own home. Wanna build a weapon of mass destruction? Bada-bing bada-boom there you go. Having control over metal has alot of possibilities that can come into play.

#6, Martian Manhunter. MM is one of the most powerful hero's in DC comics. He has super strength, invisibility, he can become intangible meaning you can't touch him, he can morph into other people or beings, read minds and all sorts of other stuff. He's like superman if he was mixed with god. Although he hates fire cause he is a Martian. But with so many abilities it is hard to say what kinda things you could do with it. Make people like you cause you have a crappy personality, create things with telekinesis or just spy on the boys locker room. You can do whatever you want they won't be able too see you.

#5, Bulls-eye. Bulls-eye is a villain from the Marvel Universe and he is known for being able to turn anything into a weapon. He's turned cards, pins and pencils into some deadly weapons. While technically not a superpower no other human being in the world has been able to use a pin to kill a guy by it being thrown so I am counting it. But aside from being able to brutally murder people with it imagine what kinds of stuff you could do. Do a perfect game of darts, become a baseball champion, become number one in throwing snowballs at peoples faces. It may not be as glorious as some of the others on the list but since I can't throw to save my life I would love to have this power.

#4, Ben Ten's Omnitrix. This spot is kind of like the Green Lanterns Ring so I will allow it. The Omnitrix is a special alien tech watch with the DNA of multiple aliens within it meaning anyone who has the watch can transform into several aliens with awesome powers. XLR8, Four Arms, Cannonball, Heatblast and more can be used. While the first Omnitrix has a time limit for many of it's aliens it can be upgraded to where one could transform into whatever alien in whatever time for however long. The watch is rather cool and being able to have more aliens become encoded into the watch makes it even better, although having an alien come to earth might be a little out of the way. Also there is a Ben Ten comic so that is also why it is being on the list.

#3, Wolverine. Although I don't see his powers being very helpful unless you are getting attacked everyday or something. Wolverine has some razor sharp claws, enhanced senses, above human strength and speed as well as a strong healing factor. Yes I understand the Adamantium is not part of his powers but shut up anyways. Now if you are a hunter this would probably help you out alot, you would be able to smell and hear whatever your hunting faster and be able to take out something quicker if it comes up behind you. Also anyone serving in the Military would need this, although it would make them unkillable that is kind of the point. No more pointless deaths.

#2, Mister Fantastic. Now before any of you guys start thinking of using this power for something else, stop it. Mister Fantastic has the ability to stretch and somewhat expand his body. Which means he can reach apples from high trees, slap his wife's butt from the next state over and so much more. Ever feel lazy? Don't want to get out of bed to grab a snack? Have no fear stretch armstrong is here! Also it would probably help those little ladies who cannot reach the top shelf, sucks for you. HAHA!

#1, Poison Ivy. Now before you folks get your panties and boxers in a bunch lemme explain. Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere. You have no food, no shade, nothing. Boom, thanks to Poison Ivy's powers you now have a full garden of food, some large trees to shade yourself with and some ways to drink. This power is useful due to you simply having a magical green thumb, able to create whatever plant you wish. You can even make living sentient plants, maybe make a little pumpkin dog like on Steven Universe.

Either way those are my Top Ten coolest powers in comics, bye bye!


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