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Top Ten Ways to Generate Kindle Non-fiction Book Ideas

Updated on February 8, 2015

Passive Income Stream

Kindle publishing is one of the best passive income streams that you can ever think of especially as a beginner author who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with big publishing companies. However, this doesn’t mean that avoiding these publishing companies will land you your big success. Although there are countless self-publishing platforms, Kindle publishing is the best especially because it has the most significant market share, which means that your books will have a larger audience. Well, having a large potential audience is relative; you should do your research before you can settle for any particular niche if you want to attract a broad audience.

Success in Kindle publishing starts right from the time you conceptualize the idea that you wish to publish a book. If you want to sell more copies, it is critical to settle for the right niche. Although you can just write on anything then publish it on Kindle, this alone will probably not get you any substantial number of sales. To get started, you need to be aware of some effective ways of generating nonfiction book ideas.

Niche Questions to Ask

Before we can discuss these, I feel that I should perhaps help you in narrowing down to profitable ideas if you want to sell more copies. In performing the niche test, ask yourself these simple questions.

  • Is the potential customer going through some pain and urgency? Do they have an irrational passion? Do they have a strong emotion?
  • Does that particular customer want a solution and actively looking for a solution?
  • Does that customer have very few or no perceived options?

The most profitable ideas will be those that you say, “yes” to the above questions because the customer is someone who is going through a problem, is probably vulnerable and is looking for a solution NOW. The questions above should guide you in determining whether a book idea is worth considering or not based on whether it passes the above criteria.

Let’s now discuss ways through which you can generate Kindle non-fiction book ideas.


1. Kindle Store

Since you are going to sell your books on Kindle, it makes sense to check out what other publishers are selling. In my experience as a Kindle publisher, I have found that Amazon Kindle’s Top 100 is the best place to start if you want to know what is best selling. If you are interested in a book title in the top 100, simply open it then scroll down to check what else people bought. You can also start by visiting this Amazon Kindle Books page so that you can check which books are selling more in different niches (the niches are on the left of the page). Just click on a niche then check which books appear in the first pages since these are the best selling books in that niche. There are different search criteria; check around to get more ideas on what is hot.

2. News Websites

Following up on trending topics in news websites can help you generate great Kindle book ideas. This doesn’t mean that you should spend too much time reading the news. All you have to do is to get the topics that people are talking about. To get started, simply browse news stories or enter a broad topic like weight loss just to get what people are talking about in that particular subject. You can start with checking news stories on Google News. You can also set up Google Alerts on various topics to see the news as it happens.


3. Radio and TV

Don’t just listen to the radio or watch TV to pass time. You should be listening to what people are calling in to ask for solutions. When more people are discussing a particular topic, this makes it a trending topic, which in turn means that it can be a great idea to write a book about. Late night shows, for instance, are popular for discussing relationship issues so try to generate book ideas around such topics.

TV talk shows also provide another great avenue for generating book ideas as people discuss their problems. For instance, if you watch TV shows that talk about family breakups, you will find it a lot easier to generate ideas in the relationship niche.

4. Forums and Groups

The internet has countless forums where people discuss different issues that they are concerned about. You can use these forums to find the problems that people are facing so that you can create books meant to solve such problems. Google Groups is one place to start especially because it has many forums that talk about specific topics. To get ideas from such forums, check the number of questions that people are asking and compare that with the answers that people are giving.

You can also use LinkedIn groups to determine the topics that people are asking about.


5. New York Times Best Sellers

You can also check out the New York Times Best Sellers just to have a feel of what is trending in the nonfiction book category. Check out for the numbers under the “Weeks on List” to help you understand the period within which the book has been on that list. You will also get insights into the hot topics by simply checking the featured books.

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6. Use Pinterest

Pinterest is the best social media site if you are looking for great book ideas. Simply visit the popular category to check what is trending on Pinterest at the moment. Scroll down the page to get a feel of what people are looking for and what others are sharing.

7. Article Directories

There are many article directories that have articles in different categories. Check out the popular article directories then check the number of articles that are published in that category. If you are interested in a particular niche, select that niche then verify the distribution of different topics within the niche. Ezine Articles is one of my favorite.


8. YouTube

YouTube can also be a great avenue to help you identify the hottest topics in an individual niche. Simply search the niche topic on YouTube then check the number of views that each of the videos has received in the last few months (you can check within the last three months). A video that has received over 1000 views is clearly more popular than those that have received less views.

9. ClickBank

ClickBank is undoubtedly a force to reckon with when it comes to identifying popular niches. Simply create a free account then head over to the marketplace to the top right of the page then click the magnifying glass (don’t key in anything in the search field). This should display the full list of available products. Choose the highest number of results per page to make it easier to proceed with the other steps then sort the results by Gravity (Gravity helps ClickBank Show the number of affiliates that have sold the vendor’s product within the last 12 weeks.)

You can then refine your search to show items with gravity of 30, 40 or 50. If you already have a specific niche that you want to write on, select that category to see the products that meet the gravity criteria above.

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10. Local Bookstore or Library

Finally, go old school! Simply head to the local library and talk to the library attendant on the popular books that people are buying. You will be amazed at the amount of valuable information you will get from the librarian.

With the above top ten ways to generate Kindle non-fiction book ideas, in no time, you'll have a growing list of ideas that will keep you busy and earning sales for many months if not years to come.

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