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Best fictional male characters

Updated on March 13, 2012

I love reading books.
Yesterday I asked myself a question: Which are the most fascinating male characters that I would like to meet in my real life and why? After a day of thinking I have made my choice. Actually we meet this types of men every day. The strange thing is that we don’t
notice them. Why? Because we are used to their novel character names. Have you
ever thought that Bob from the office is Mr. Darcy or that the boy next door
could be Edmond Dantes in his early years?

5. Edward Rochester

Charlotte Bronte's character is one of my favorite characters ever because
he is a man of extremes. He is self-centered , he changes his mood a lot, but
at the end of the day Rochester is just a man searching his true love and his
own happiness. He is capable of loving someone unconditionally, but Edward can’t
forgive himself the mistakes he had made in the past, so he had convict himself
to live in the mist of guilt.

4. Edmond Dantes

He is Alexandre Dumas brilliant character. Edmond Dantes is unique with the fact that
he changes from naïve young man, honest and full of love into a man who’s only
goal is revenge . He is a good example how life and people around us can turn
us into something we are not. There is happily ever after for Dantes, at the end of the
novel love saves his soul, he finds peace and the strength to forgive his

3.Sherlock Holmes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character is what you call eccentric, but he is smart. He has unusual approach in every situation. He is not a bite for every lady’s mouth, but I
think if I had a man like that in my life I would never be bored. If you are
the kind of a woman who likes stability and comfort than probably Sherlock
Holmes is not your type.

2. Heathcliff

No I am not talking about the fat orange cat.
Heathcliff is the main character in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights . He is
not the kind of man you want to be around you in real life, he is dark and full of will for vengeance , but
there is something romantic there or maybe we girls have the tendency to like
bad boys as long as they like us.

1. Mr. Darcy

And my number one is Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I dream for a man like him. He is a man of few words, but there is a passionate fire burning inside his soul. He is proud and rich and for the first time that isn’t a bad think because even with this qualities he is capable of deep, truthful love.

I hope you enjoyed my choice … Feel free to
leave a comment on your favorite characters


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