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25 Topics for Projects/ Dissertation for English language and literature students ( BA and MA)

Updated on February 17, 2016

Project/Dissertation Topics

1. Nullification of individualism at the cost of standardisation of governance as a major theme of the poem of WH Auden.

2. The theme of ageing and memory in " The sense of an ending " by Julian Barnes.

3. Identity crisis in "Saturday" by Ian McCawn.

4. Resilience of English language- a study in the light of online language discourses like blog, Facebook, WhatsApp.. etc.

5. Issues of identity in the light of Gireesh Karnad' s play ''Hayavadana'' or Narcism in ''Nagamandala''.

6. Expressionism ( expressionist techniques) in Eugine O nills' ''Emporer John'' and ''Hairy ape''.

7. Exploration of political scenarios of 1940's in Edward Bond' s "Lear".

8. "Waiting for Godo" as an epitome of absurd theatre.

9. Individual opposition to monarchy and martyrdom in TS Eliot' s "Murder in the cathedral".

10. Issues in English spelling in the era of techies and texties. ( Social medias and Messages).

11. Oppression of afro American in the light of ''Dutchman'' by Amiri Baraka.

12. ''The harvest'' ( a play) by Manjula Pathmanabhan as a futuristic drama in the world of monopolistic corporation.

13. Inescapable familial relations as a major theme of Tennessee Williams' " The glass menagerie ".

14. Communalism and communal violence in " Final solution " by Mahesh Dathani.

15. Arunthadi Rays' "God of small things " as a regional novel ( locale).

16. Beauty as curse in " Bluest eye" of Tonny Morrison.

17. "Midnight Children" as a historiographic Metafiction.


Magic realism in "Midnight Children'' by Salman Rushdiee.

18. "Golden Notebook" by Dorris Lessing as an inner space fiction.( Metanarrative)

19. Hillary Mandle' s "Wolf hole" or bring up the body as a historical novel.

20. Animalism and civilization as a major theme of the novel " The lord of flies" by William Golding.

21. "Sons and lovers" as a classic buildungs roman novel.

22. Representation of Africans ( life) in "The heart of darkness" by Joseph Conrad.

23. The picturization of twentieth century spiritual Darth in "Wasteland".

24. "Train to Pakistan" as a partition novel by Kushwanth sing.

25. Imaginary demarcation and partition in "Shadow lines" by Amitav Ghosh.


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