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Topsy-Turvy Dolls...A must read for all disillusioned Americans.

Updated on January 28, 2010

It is dolls like these,
that should have

given us pause
before we voted.

Not some dolled up

Sarah Palin,
in her $150,000.00
dollar designer clothes,
Plus $22,000.00 dollar
makeup fees per week,
and $10,000.00 dollar
hairstylist fees for ten days.

These Topsy-Turvy dolls

were what little girls

like her played with,
not that long ago,

Under one skirt

a black servant,
under the other

the lady of the house.

Back when civil rights

were anything but civil.

It's toys like these
that also should

make us take note
Of one rich, white,

good ol'boy senator,
who said before the last debate,
"I'm gonna whip his-

(Obama's)- you now what!"
such a slip of the tongue,

or was he echoing

perhaps a time.....
when black men

where whipped,
for you know what?


And our newest

South Cackalacky

Republican senator

who said

"We can't hand feed

all the animals in need,

they simply get nourished

and then continually reproduce

more sorrow."

It's dolls like these,
not the Republican'ts Barbie,
that should make us realize
that we all owed a debt
incurred by our lineage,
to a minority population
that is a vibrant
part of our nation.

It was time that we elected,
someone from a

long oppressed race,
to the highest office possible,
not out of guilt, but out of pride,
that America has at

long last come so far!!

We have had our

fill of rich white boys,
sucking off the fatted calf,
hand feeding the wealthiest among us,
lobbying around endless whim and desire
by the masters of the almighty dollar.

For once in our lives

we sought to make a true change,
nothing would've been worse

then the curse of bush,

re-perpetuated in Mcpain and

Palin by comparison.
except more of the same,

with her shrill soprano
whines and winks

thrown in for good measure.

The American dream
isn't about becoming rich
and then being president,
it's about becoming president
and then enriching the nation.

And so we voted

on November fourth,
while there were

men and women
dying in two countries
to see some results.

Poverty and health care 
were walking hand in hand
to dumpsters and early graves.

Schools were closing,
banks were closing,
businesses were folding,
education was struggling to
meet students needs.

The economy was in the toilet,
very few are flush anymore,
most all of our production
was outsourced
most all of our goods imported.

Joblessness continues

to grow worse,

as a result.


And yet the Republican's

are moaning that it all should

have been fixed

in Obama's first year,

when it took bush 8

to screw it all up.


They harrang and persecute

everything he's tried to do,

considering themselves

masters overseeing whatever

he attempts to accomplish.


Filling the airwaves with

useless endless negatives,

nothing but negatives,

a rabid  fox hunt hounding

those who are trying to lead us

to a place of promise.


Nothing of such magnitude

as Obama is facing

can be fixed by any man

who claims the know how

in such a short time.


The problems

besetting him

are Humongous.

And yet These

republican's are
are more worried about,
abortion rights,
phony birth certificates,
and health care reform

without any cost

or mercy to 31 million

who don't have it.


Where was their

virulent impatience

and daily touted angst

when a stammering stuttering

false savior they idolized

occupied the White House

and did little on any of these issues??


Where was the rush to fix health care

and where was? thier fair and balanced plan?

Where were their ideas to stop the banks

from diddling away

our nations fortunes??

and did they work after

Bush left office....NOT!!


Where was these  

false put ons

over all the issues they

now pin on Obama,

when they had the majority;

when they ruled the masses;

when they neglected everything;

they now bitch constantly about??


Pious, pompous hypocrites

stirring a poisoned tea

much like Jim Jones

and his Kool Aid

seeking to victimize us all back

to the Bush legacy

on an island of sorrows.


Even Rush Limbaugh

admitted that he can't

believe the insanity

of how many Americans

buy into the absolute

bullshit he spins daily.


And Obama is left

with a long bucket list

of what they expect

him to get done

even while they are

enslaving him to failure.


They are the

 21st century


dolls of this century

seeking to sweep the

troubles of the minorities

under the skirts of mistruth

and restore the endless wealth

of greed and damn the common man

to the throne they failed to hold.


They had eight
years to fix all of this,
what makes you think
they deserve any more

in 2010 or any other

year to come??


Give Obama his due,

Support your president and get

the hell off of the sidelines

before we are all

benched once more

in a game we can't

hope to win.


Drown Out the naysayers.

Find out who pays the salaries

and then stop

supporting the sponsors

of all the endless negative

radio talking heads

that are determined

to undermine

and split our nation

into two warring factors

based on half truths,


and outright lies.


Otherwise look forward to

the nightmares we knew under

the bush cheney regime.


I am done preaching

to the choir for now.

Start singing the blues

back into red white and blues

before the silent majority

leaves the sanctuary of hope.


And if you are one

of the 31 million

who are uninsured,

get off your duffs and vote

come 2010, and speak

out loudly now,

throw a free cheese party,

remember that fiasco?


Flood the hospitals

with your sick and ailing

they do have to treat you.

Stand outside in long

endless lines till they do.

create some kind of

movement before

you wind up back under

the uncaring power

of those who are seeking to

let you languish and die.


They offer no hope for you

even now as they condemn Obama

you have to create

it for yourselves.


And if you know of someone

who does not have health care

in a nation of such wealth and waste

in the health care fields,

how can you stomach your own care?


Speak out and defend

those who have nothing.

It is the Christian thing to do,

It is the moral majority's

 task to fulfill otherwise

how do you dare 

claim to be moral

when you deny the

verse that says

 in your bible,

feed the hungry,

care for the sick,

tend to the elderly

house the homeless,

aid the children.

It's all there in black and white,

but it's not happening here

in the red, white and blues.


Or perhaps

you think there is

a way to get a

camel through

the eye of a needle

and a rich man into

the kingdom of heaven,

thereby calling your

own God a liar.


It is long past time

for activists to rise

and meet the challenge

of those who seek

to dum down the

needy and the sick.

Where the hell are you

and why aren't you

making some noise.

Show me some real Americans

standing up for God and country

and not for the almighty dollar.






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    • hotspur profile image


      8 years ago from England

      Watching from the outside I'm astounded by the pure fear of socialism - when all it is, is helping the poor. Isn't it the 'New Deal' from the thirties? that was socialism and it got a lot of Americans back on their feet? What do they want a little extra tax or millions of dispossessed people rioting in the streets? Glad to see one American talking sense! Cheers.

    • pbwriterchick profile image


      8 years ago

      :D Great rant!


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