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Touch someone's soul

Updated on January 13, 2017

Touch someone's soul

Enough have I written on the vibration rose,
More than sufficient has been given the love dose,
Enough have I written on the fall out of love steep,
Enough have I written about the broken love's memories that I keep,

While the world rehearses it's melancholic drama mellow,
In front of it all of my problems seem shallow,
While we're busy falling in and out of love, we've become but a toy,
To this world's leaders plot coy,

Who will account for every tear the children shed,
Who will account for every man that in the streets have bled,
Who is to account for every girls shrieks,
Whose integrity in the darkness of night was wrecked,

As writers, we must know, in history goes down our every text,
And now it's time to pick up our pens, and our responsibilities best,
I can write something that opens someone's eyes or on their hearts take its toll,
But now I want to write something that may touch someone's soul...


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