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Touch the fire-Poetry

Updated on July 29, 2014

Its Burning

Its churning

This memory

When I see your face

It comes back to me

And I feel this heat

In my chest

In my arms

In my face

I can almost touch the fire

I grit my teeth

And try to forget

But as I close my eyes your face comes to me

It burns so deep

This memory of what we could have been

If you gave us a chance

But you took that little bit of love I had for you

Lit it and tossed it away

Now I can almost touch the fire

As It burns

And churns

Never burning out

But dying down to steady bright red embers

You’ve forgotten all about me

But when I see your face this fire starts to burn again

And see

You may have forgotten me

But I can almost touch the fire


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    • profile image

      Datahunter 3 years ago

      Such awesome imagery.