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Towers Fall

Updated on February 15, 2011

do you like to worship yourself
better than worshipping anyone else?
do you look at any glass
except the ones that show yourself?

haven't you heard?
the towers have fallen!
haven't you heard?
the towers! they fell!

do you paint pictures of food
to donate to starving children?
do you max out your credit card
to profit off God's business?

let go let go
let go let go
of your precious legacy
all monuments fall
like towers fall
    did you watch them fall?
    where were you when i watched them fall?
    didn't you know that towers can fall?
    and just when i thought i'd seen it all...

i found myself sitting in a different
  it looked like a palace
                         and it was a tomb
  like a bleeding, barren womb
  like a child born far too soon
       and it was dark
       and i was scared
       and adults were gathered in a far-off room

and there were things in there with me
that the adults couldn't see
and they were dark and they were small
with the sharpest little teeth

something's been taken!
they tore something out of me
     i knew the moment
     i awoke
     and saw the daylight flee

it was big, and it was dark
and yes, oh yes, it swallowed me
i was told that it was me
but i don't have the memory

the towers
shining like mirrors
we see our reflection
   then all is just shattered
   then all that once mattered
   is a column of smoke in the wind
        and angels descend
        from mansions pretend
        to caverns below
        where old Titans stow
     awaiting the day
      that Chaos will arrive
      their savior
and swallow Earth and its deepest recesses
and them along with it all
   and Vishnu sleeps
   on the endless serpent



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