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Tragic Poems

Updated on November 9, 2014

Tragic Poems

Tragic events catch us when we are unsuspecting.

There is tragedy in war which is not always as expected, even through war is, by definition, tragic. Other tragic events are truly unexpected and these have touched us all.

Below are links to some of the original poems that I have written about tragic events that have touched me. There are 2 sections: Specific Tragic Events and Tragic Events Through Time. The first set are ordered by the date of the event.

I hope you are moved by these poems
-- MyFairLadyah

Poems about Specific Tragic Events

Sonnet for September 11, 2001

Click to read the "Sonnet for September 11"

Oslo Tragedy - A Poem on the Oslo Summer Camp Shootings of 2011

Click to read the original poem "Oslo Tragedy"

A Sonnet for Japan - On the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

Click to read "A Sonnet for Japan"

Dark Night in Aurora - A Poem about The Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shootings 2012

Click to read the original poem "Dark Night in Aurora"

Loss of Innocents - an Original Sonnet Poem for Newtown, Connecticut, 2012

Click to read "Loss of Innocents"

Sonnet for Firefighters - Inspired by the Colorado Fires of 2012 and 2013

Click to read "A Sonnet for Firefighters - A Poem of Honor"

Poems on the Colorado Flash Floods of 2013

Click to read Poems on the Colorado Flash Floods of 2013

Poems about Tragedy Throughout Time

Sonnets for Soldiers - Poems about War

Click to read the Sonnets for Soldiers


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