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Transitions at a Train Station

Updated on June 30, 2017

Transitions at a Train Station

Sitting at the train station,

Watching the world go by,

Some clearly from another nation,

Some destined to the airport,

About to fly.

A clamour of chattering girls,

Dressed in guide uniforms

Laughter and high pitched trills

As their excitement clearly builds.

At the opposite platform,

The intercity pulls in

Soon after there are warm embraces,

At the delight of seeing a loved one.

People reading newspapers,

Some are reading books

Another has their earphones in,

Still more focussed on their phones.

The noticeboard changes,

As the tannoy squawks incomprehensibly of a delay,

A man in a suit checks his watch

Wondering if the slow train would be quicker today.

Transitions at the train station,

Passengers passing each other by

Busy with their own priorities

Unaware of the man who could cry.

The next day the news bulletin

Issues CCTV from that day

An appeal to anybody

As Joe didn't return home today.

by Patricia Ann Ward 29/6/17


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 months ago

      This reminds me just how some may have felt after the war expecting their loved ones to come home. Very well done.

    • wpcooper profile image

      Finn Liam Cooper 7 months ago from Los Angeles

      nice images...i like the urban bustle