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Trapped and Strangled

Updated on September 15, 2017

I see no light

In this lonely dusty room I sit.. alone..


The possibilities of the future scares me

And I do nothing but tremble

Why am I like this?

Everything in the world feels like a threat

I wish I'm one of those courageous people

Brave and daring, all daredevils

Holding my head high all the way

Would that ever happen?

I fear a lot of eyes

I don't want them looking at me..

I fear the crowd

I fear attention towards me

I fear getting noticed

I fear judgment.. or rejection..

What should I do?

In this world with so many possibilities,

I fear a lot of things

Where should I go?

Who would be there to keep me standing?

Where will I fit?

Heaven please send me a Genie

So I will wish my nerves go well

Or give me something ..or someone ..

I need a source courage

I need to be strong

Being weak is all too tiring

I can't be like this for long

© 2017 Michii Gee


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    • Michii Gee profile image

      Michii Gee 8 months ago from Tagbilaran City

      Thanks ThreeKeys

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 8 months ago from Australia

      I was led to believe that you were either fearless or not. Not so. For me, I learnt being courageous is taking one baby step at a time even while you are feeling scared or doubtful. Together, with waking up the next morning to try again. Do what is ok for you. And congratulate yourself on being brave in that first 20 seconds of bravery. I will start off by saying to you-"Congratulations, on being brave for tomorrow Michii".