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Trapped Inside The Matrix of the Web Part II of V - Rise of the Social Network

Updated on April 16, 2012

Grasp hold to that mouse there

Rise of the Social Networks- Part II

From out the depths

of no mans land

Came a spectacular super hero

A web browser

different from all its predecessors

Mozilla came to the rescue

As our savior

A mere browser made the difference

A humble servant

of its computing prisoner community

Open source was born

We were all doomed

for a time though

before that sly Firefox

began its fiery rein

Norton slowly lost its thrown

so did Lycos, Altavista, Overture

Looksmart, Yahoo directory & more

Their forceful hold on its prisoners, Us

years back before freeware arrived

Was strong, but couldn't hold on

This vicious cycle raged on

paying repair techs

buying new systems every 6 months

or so

after the first three for little old me

Till many of us found

Another freedom fighter

Known as Spybot Search & Destroy

Who would of known that it would bring rise to these

Microsoft crowned ruler and victorious king

XP their initial weapon

Loaded with vulnerabilities

Patches and special editions

Just like any prison system

Set as a scheme of all schemes

It was ridiculous

the profits they made & got away with

Bill Gates the gate keeper to be & Warden

So many Windows got shattered

many times by him & his army of Programmers

Giving birth to Vista

Faultiest Non-Operational system ever

In the gloomy back ground

grew a new Gate keeper

Windows didn't like it

because it lacked ad's

it lacked that pop-up effectiveness

That trapped enduring defeat

Windows Explorer with a grasping hold

keep us all down

its defense weakened even more

by Norton's weak stance of false protection

Held in electronic pulse protective custody

The rise of Google quickly began

Such a captain of survivors

ship of all ships, the web masters approved

Things set sail for heights unknown

at first appeared to be

an aimless vessel

no redirects no schemes associated

just pure uncut links

to yet more respectable looking visual prisons

With soon to be trapped prisoners of yet

another even more restless fate

The Freeware age & race stormed in

The Birth of the first digital Cloud

Email took rightful place & center stage

Apple had no leverage at first

Steve Jobs

virtually lost sight of the industry

Cause Gates mirrored the cool Icon game taking claim & victory at first

But the jobs phrophecy wasn't tale

nor myth

It Was soon to become legend

from folklore

Some day he said their shall be

a moment in digital infamy

when all is soon to become one

He believed in what we know today

As The 'CLOUD'

Cloud Computing arrived out of the depths

What a painful struggle for order & restraints experienced by all

the system collapsed on the external shell of it all

The desert of the real they called it "The Matrix"

Where souls are not sold, they are being trafficked

pushed around these digital walls to the Highest bidder

Digital Slavery

Equating to freedom only for those who've caught on soon

Your entire life line

The entire Worlds "Timeline" to someday be tied into it

Logged in

Plugged in

Social security number

to daily living space "Myspace", entered the Arena

A social extravaganza trap of sorts

capturing images was its legacy left

the original founder of such a lost path even borrowed his idea

Stemming from them infamous annoying sites known as peer to peer "Chatrooms"

Its predecessor and founders remained in awe

astounded by its staging and global triumph

over the many traps set before it climbed to its navigational web achievement

Not realizing that it just became the next victim

to yet a young talented Victim of it all

An anomaly of all anomalies

Mark Zuckerburg

All links are referenced to Wikipedia, for learning purposes.

This is wickedly smooth epic 'Matrix' poetry on the rise, by Cloud Explorer

Head on over to part III

Things are getting heated up here, so take a break if need be - next up is our very experience today hope your enjoying the ride, because wonderland is on its way.

Part-III is now available and Below


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks once again Jenubouka your relentless, lol

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      On my way to part IV.....