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Entering the Facebook Era - The Social Networking age takes over

Updated on July 28, 2012

Facebook was born

Finally a place to call our own

MySpace was owned

by the youthful spirited

yet still trapped souls

raging outwards for self expression

Somehow there still was a gap

space to be filled but it wasn't mine

From the digital walls of Harvard

Trembles began to erupt

in the form of Digits

Such a prestigious trap was set

many attempts were made prior

all failed to climb to global status

Someone had tapped

into the all time stream of popularity



beginning at the Highest point

Of educational stardom

The Ivy League University

the epicenter of it all

What a massive target,

to aim at freeing us all

An idea leading to global unity

must have rung a bell at such a point

Amongst all lonely victims of this cage

The matching of faces was first

then came the connecting of their

juicy content and resourceful personal data

each member

in their computerized cell

Digitally scribed onto their own personal


What's this, each person has their own

No longer needing a website

to attract views, viewers and subscribers

Names, images, lifestyle, love life

age, sex, likes in movies, books, hobbies, famous people

job details, place of origin

Vast amounts of their entire life it seemed

shared across WiFi, wires, and Satellites

to their prison boxed monitors

Let the social network wars begin - Facebook may be unstoppable


Now the stage was set for Battle


The Wall was born


was the first of many to come

Soon to spring rise to

the age of RSS feeds

This wasn't no ordinary

computer Hacker or programmer

not by far,

his agenda was different from them all

was he even a student

He was a true genius

in his own right though

He gave it a name

what was it to be called

He might have borrowed it

Paid for such a thievery

once he gained monetary lift off

The social network War began

Facebook was Crowned True victor

A freedom fighter of many

caged behind their screens

tied into such a self defiant over ruling system

The Web

Years blew by and soon FB in short

Was consuming whopping

Huge amounts of digital space

Everything in its path had no choice but to get swept in

the world responded by releasing the Movie

The Social Network

Catch up to part IV

There's a saga going on in the world, and many of us have felt it even at our physical doorsteps, the hold of this worlds economy is on edge, and the digital world is leaving no surface untouched. The next poem is sure going to get much deeper.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Jenubouka, yes it does, all them faces to follow, friends, family, and acquaintances. I love it all.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 5 years ago

      Ah, the mongol of social media, this in itself bounds the masses.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks Josh, I'm cranking them out as everyone reads, its really fun indeed. I'm glad you enjoyed it all thus far, I can't wait to finish it off myself.

    • JoshuaThePost profile image

      JoshuaThePost 5 years ago from Palace of the Brine

      I am enjoying this series . . .

      Keep it up!