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The digital prison known as Facebook

Updated on December 8, 2012

The Super Highway changes courses frequently, no matter the gears your shifting

As the wave receded

so did many of its users

Google had work to do

Little did everyone know

Sleeping in their cubicle chambers

A true Phoenix was to rise

from the depths of its virtual ashes

The use of the + symbol was born

Facebook had started an epidemic

or maybe even a pandemic

of astronomical proportions

simply using a like button

This never had occurred before

Entire nations were swept

into the Facebook craze

So Maybe Google just needed

An Addition sign ? Plus a Social power

A global phenomenon was upon us

Was Mark Zuckerburg


of The Matrix?

Did he save the dieing digital world

or was there a new player hidden

beneath the ruins of unfair

digital Warfare without software ?

Casual link referencing here & there

Someone now had

More soldiers then Bots

Facebook the social freedom fighter or just another prison of sorts?

But who was still king

of the digital Voyages for more sought out places

That began it all

Search! quite frankly

It has always been King


curiosity will always win

its a human quest to find answers

Thus the reason for

Peoples queries & quarrels

Making us seek & find more

Providing so much to offer

Many hopes and dreams investing on it all

tantalizing our spines

becoming an information super powered cluster Fu&%$@ck

it is today

Social communications for some fortunate ranters & ravers

digital lock down for most seeking freedom of self ownership

Google Plus was born for the purpose to dominate them All

Fashioned with new weaponry

Circles and filtering of all content


who really wants to know what diapers you wore as a child anyhow

Family love & sharing gets Tossed at Business and strangers

What a set of strategies

Facebook vs Google

The ultimate digital Onslaught is here & now

each day each night their warriors

fight it out

While other networks

just try to survive

Everyone seeks Facebook as the new online gateway drug of sorts

For their eyes, making money, finding friends, making foes

Even the music industry felt tremors

and Out came Vevo as a counter measure

Year back Tower Records Fell to Nabster

Record Companies Suffered, now every one feels the effects

Lady Gaga's Billion views on Youtube is worth only a Million

So many unemployed

Now workers of this graphical Prison

Many gotten fired from once physical bondage employment

The Brick & mortal system of prison

becoming a thing of the past

Whole corporations shut down instantaneously

The global economic system collapse

Dollars equating to fractions of a penny

What's left over was Digital currency

Ebay, Amazon, Paypal all taking orders & victory as well

The new Globalized Electronic stock exchange

Wall street got occupied

10 years prior

Even the World trade got dusted off swiftly

8 long years of Bushenomics Paved the way

From here all the way back to ground Zero

Google Wallet was born

Google Check out scores $$$

So the Internet wars raged onward

Tossing media elbows

News Upper cuts

Social stats flew everywhere

People were cheering them both on

Google had a massive armament though

Google everything in the book, Youtube, soon to get cut Orkut

Even Google TV


Google even took on the Computing industry itself

With Google Chrome

Lets check out the video tapes why don't we

Is it a computer, nope, is it a laptop, nope, its a Chromebook

The Final Count down - Part V Google Plus & Search merge

Google must have done

something right for once


they've been doing many things right

for a very long time

Maybe they stuck their necks out

far too many times

But who cares

at least they tried

Making much better Prisons

for such a long prison sentence

computing computability

better hardware to reside in

No need for software anymore

till the escape hatch got opened

Next contestants are currently up

on this Digitized price is right stage

We now call The Cloud Computing Networks

The web is vanishing slowly

I think that old prison chamber

Has collapsed with all the rest of the faulty Governors

of the Dot com address Era

Dot Org is here, Dot net, and many more

Down with the ruler ship of a terrifying computer experience

Now today what has happened


Real life Happened

The desert of the real has gotten affected to much

So the World leaders have been shaken

Their getting scared too

so they Enacted the governments of all desert storm rules to Take Over

Upping the ante on regulatory controls

The real prison cell block system uniting with the virtual one

Protect IP its called

Video inserted below compliments of Youtube

Ahhhhh Google Again!!!

Censorship- Has the prisoners been loose for too long ? What's the deal, what's really going on here, behind the scenes

Is there any room for change here

Can we all make it any further

The Ice burg has already been tipped to far

By a single soul or also known as the "Zuckerburg" effect

This Epic poem wouldn't work if Google hadn't made

One final blow

They did what no one would ever think of

they are ready to accept the consequences

They took the ultimate plunge

Search being fully immersed

into the social atmosphere of what once was known as the Web

What a way to go

now we're all going to be living

high on the Clouds or low beneath them

In one huge Mashable Cluster of pretty awesome Googleness

Lets hope that not even the governing powers that be

can grasp hold of such power

Google did the right thing to protect what they believe is theirs

Digital Infamy

Claim to the lightning Thrown

Elite Ownership of Soul trafficking

Like "Zues"

The Greek God

Social dominion over us all

The Web

Is now The Clouds

The Computer worlds Mainframe

Controls of

A Machine World

The Matrix

Data Centers

Erected world wide

Google analytic Thunders have marked its presence

The all time Page impressionist branding

A bright New Age has begun

Simply amazing

They rebuilt the Circles of life

by encasing it into a new digital form of bondage

In all attempts to protect us all from the real one

Amazing as it seems we are still ticking - The webs best for 2011

The Future is Cloud Computing we're using it without knowing

Contenders are ready for the Gauntlet

Hopefully Facebook & Google can shake hands & finally Merge

to fight these new Creatively brave Cloud Masters

Just beginning to enter the War Game of lasers & pixels

and we all can be set free digitally

But Google isn't Going down

Without a Fight to the Finish line

What about The I-pad?

All these new fancy Gadgets


Mobile Devices

Does they fit anywhere, into this technical puzzle of sorts?

How about Pearltrees? What in the world, Pearl what

so many options

to get contracts to a longer sentence I guess

What about Icloud? Steve Jobs may he Rest in peace

Fortold the truth

You can hold the clouds in your hand today

Wow, what an apple to swallow

All that info up in the Clouds

This is Pearltrees & Social organization of the web - New freedom

Concluding this powerful creative poem

The not so obvious Future

is in Social Curation

The human organized

sharing of content

Bookmarks = Bookmarlets

Web Favorites = Cloud Sharing

Cloud Computing = The Internet

On Extreme hyper drive

On Binary Steroids

The rise of Social Bookmarking

Social Networks & Now Social Curation

What about Cloud Tops?

Isn't this a environmental system

above the sky


Google it!

There's many new contenders

born out of this rubble and its no joke what their capable of

Welcome to the new age of Cloud Computing

Interactive Cloud Navigation is here, and true Freedom of online expression

A real guys perspective on what Icloud really is - Enjoy!

Have you been following this poetic series from start to finish

Who do you think will be victor for 2012

See results


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Well @ Jenubouka as you are seeing today, the best on the web got Blacked Out today, and so even the web isn't a safe place no-longer.

      The web just got trapped into itself, with the government placing a Check move on the global stage of digital chess players, with the "SOPA Act" & the Webs response with "SOPA Blackout Day".

      This Matrix of the web & Machine world is in for a much ruder awakening for sure, lets hope we survive such an Onslaught that threatens the very lives of us all.

      I wrote this 4 days ago on Jan 14th, 2012, in dedication to all the free members of cyber space, and I just hope & pray we won't get put into yet a much more worse technological prison than we're already in today.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      I know that when the weather lightens up in my neck of the woods, I will disconnect with my digital relationships and reunite with mother nature's, which is not to say I will disappear but how I do miss the connection with the earth and sustainable gardening, landscaping, anything to do with the outdoor realms. Will that hinder all the dedications attempted? I hope not, but as you wrote, the financial entrapment for those of us that use this Matrix of the Web, my chain will only lengthen not break from this.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks for the careful analysis Jenubouka, your dedication to hub reading is truly profound indeed, thanks again for sharing with me.

      The web of today is all that it was meant, and set out to be originally, a careful interwoven, well defined financial trap for us all. Very few of us make it out good, and many get stuck here lol, hopefully not forever.

    • profile image

      jenubouka 6 years ago

      What a great series of innovated words relating to the confines of "social" media. Isn't ironic that we are connected yet do this alone in the reliance of a system that can crash at anytime? We no longer require face to face interaction yet can make thousands of friends or connections. Has the internet made the human race less of a "social" people with intimate interactions?

      Awesome Cloud this was unique and if read very closely, quite true.