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Trapped in my Nightmares

Updated on February 15, 2017

I lay down at night

to rest my head,

but something terrible happens.

Am I dying, or am I dead?

I try and sit up.

I try to move around.

It's so hard to do.

Why am I falling down?


I can see you lying next to me.

I try to push you to the ground.

"Wake-up, I need help,"

but I realize I haven't made a sound.

Lying where I was before,

what happened to me?

That felt so real.

Could he hear me?


I turn over to face you,

but my motion is restricted.

All this pressure trapping me,

inside I feel all twisted.

I try fighting it harder,

but the intensity only gets stronger.

I'm fighting with the sheets

just to breath a little longer

I open my mouth to call for you again,

but chains have bound my tongue tightly.

How can I escape this hell I'm in?

I no longer feel you beside me.

I'm trapped inside my body.

Would you help if you could?

I kick and scream violently,

but still it does no good

Finally I give up my struggle,

and let myself free-fall.

I'm scared, why couldn't I move?

I hoped it was nothing at all.

I wake up quite suddenly.

The windows let in daylight.

I'm still dazed and confused

What is happening at night?


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