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Travel Notes from My Berth.

Updated on November 9, 2009

Travel Notes From My Berth.

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Time is a madman

tugging at your soul,
like a thirsty toddler
pulling on your shirt.
Always urging you
forward to the
next moment,
lest the past
catches up to you.

He is the engineer
of a massive train,
billions of souls,
moving across the tracks
of what has already
been laid out for them.

He must always be
clearing the way
for new souls to be
linked to life's continuum

He is merciless
in his endeavors,
we simply follow his lead,
longing for places
that have slipped by,
wishing we could
have stayed awhile longer
in what is rushing past us,
ever rolling onward,
thus I end this poem,
while time allows even
this period granted me.



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