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Travel Round Ireland… with a Fridge Book Review

Updated on June 25, 2019
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Loving books and reading new things, Denise shares her book reviews with interesting insight and pathos.

Books to Travel With


Travel Round Ireland… with a Fridge

Want some light reading? Enjoy a little travel? Romance? Danger? Humor? Kitchen Appliances? This is the perfect book. Tony Hawks gets roped into a bet that he can’t travel/hitchhike the circumference of Ireland (and some of the islands) with a fridge. Interestingly he pays more for the little dorm-room-size fridge than he will make if he wins the bet, but that’s beside the point. It’s the principle of the thing… or something like that. Tony meets and gets to know a good variety of Irish people along the way and his fridge becomes a celebrity. Along the way people begin signing the fridge, they give it an honorary name (Gaelic for Freedom) and even baptize it before letting Tony and the fridge join the roadside pulse again. The fridge weathers storms, goes surfing, is christened and blessed by a nun, and is always the center of conversation in each and every town Tony comes to. He even begins to philosophize that life is like a fridge. The locals can’t decide if he is an “eejit” or not. In truth, you won’t be sure yourself.


A Comedian

Okay, so this isn't a new book. It's been around for over a decade or so. But I just found it and was fascinated enough to want to share it. A really good find, I would say.

Tony is a London comedian and has a way with words. He paints a picture of each community so well, I feel like I have visited Ireland personally. Now I really must go see for myself. He meets lots of people along the way and often is asked to stay at Bed and Breakfast Inns for free. He meets native Londoners who have moved to Ireland for the different and slower pace of life. He gets to meet a King of one of the remote Irish islands, and devises a meeting with his daughter in hopes of becoming a king’s son-in-law; but he misses the princess and has to leave after only a 30 minute meeting the king, who he dubs the poorest king (financially) in the world. He talks very little about the trouble in Northern Ireland, but you are aware as he hitchhikes through.

Round Ireland with a Fridge


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This true story is a delight to read. A non-stop, fall-down-funny, laugh feast. In my home, I go to bed first and my husband likes to stay up late. I like to read in bed before I go to sleep and these past few weeks my poor husband has run into the bedroom to find out what is wrong, only to find me laughing my head off. He can’t wait till I’m finished with this book so he can read it too. I can’t tell you if he wins the bet (that would be a spoiler) but I can recommend this book for some fun light reading.

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The Movie

The last chapter or so talks about making the book into a movie but I had no idea they had made a movie; it makes perfect sense though. It is fall-down funny. However, I always love original books better than the movie they make from them because they are packed with so much more. But the movie is worth seeing too. Naturally, the movie doesn’t follow the book exactly and added a few things I didn’t care for. But I laughed anyway.

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Travel Round Ireland with a Fridge

Funny Book

I like to read before bed. It often happens that I read only a chapter or two before going to sleep. But sometimes the book holds my attention so much so that I can't sleep till early, early in the morning. With this book, Tony Hawks had me laughing out loud so often, my poor husband (a night owl) came running into the bedroom to see what was wrong only to find tears rolling down my face, I was laughing so hard. Not just one night but several in a row, he came running in to see if I was having a seizure or some such thing from all the laughing. He was actually happy when I finally finished the book and moved on to calmer venues. I may have to pull this book out again real soon, just to have a good laugh.

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