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Travel in time but pay with your life

Updated on August 7, 2013

The stranger

I had seen him before a couple of times. He walked slowly and with a limp. First I thought he may be had a stone in his shoe, but every time he came limping along the street it was the same problem. I wondered where he was heading. He walked like a man with a special goal. I was curious about him but did not talk to him ever.
One day, when he turned a corner, I decided to follow him. Just because I wanted to see where he went. He went up to a house that looked kind of old and tired. I opened the blue door and went in without locking it. I went up to the door and listened for a sound. The silent was total. Slowly, I pushed on the door, and it opened without squeaking. The room was very dark and there was a mysterious smell of mushrooms. On a table was laboratory stuff and some beakers.

Just when I was going to sneak out again, the man came out from another room. He was not surprised to see me at all. He more looked like he had expected me. I stuttered some excuse but he just waved a hand and smiled at me. Along the wall was a row of doors. They were all closed. Now he went up to one of them and opened it. Inside was an older woman with electrodes coming out from her head and chest. She looked at the man and begged him to please let her stay just a little while longer. He took off the cords and told her to go home. She smiled and thanked him with hugging eyes.

The man turned to me and started to talk. He explained that he was a scientist who was doing research about the human brains and how memories were stored in them. He said, that the woman, I just saw leaving was participating in his experiments. She loved doing so, because she could get in really visualized memories from her childhood and life. The memories almost came alive. We all have memories that are bright and wonderful that we like to live through again. I knew that he was right. I would just love to meet some people and go through some mémories that were important to me. He looked into my face like he knew what I was thinking. Then he asked me if I wanted to try.

Before you decide, he continued, there is one thing you must know. The price for these reality adventures is, that each time, you will lose 20 years of your lifetime.

I became afraid and said that I must leave now. He did not stop me just reminded me that this was my choice. However, he invited me to come back if I changed my mind. Next day, I was there again. I had estimated the cost and was willing to see my Darling fathers special smile once more. He had been dead many years, and I still miss him. So I sat down in the tiny room and got the cords and electrodes attached to my temples and chest. He closed the door and I traveled with the speed of light back in time........

My father and I were walking down the street. I held his hand and felt that wonderful feeling of being completely safe. We were going to buy a second hand bicycle for me. I was so excited and jumped up and down when I thought about me on a bike of my own!

The bike was black, too big and worn. I did not care because it was all mine. On the way home, I sat on it and my father had a firm grip of the saddle. I could reach the pedals but only just. When we came home, we put the bike in the storage room. After a few hours and a meal, I could not wait on any more. I wanted to go out and try it by my own. My loving parents smiled and said that I could.

I trampled away full of confidence. In our neighborhood was a round place where the houses were placed into a triangle. So if I stayed inside the houses, I was safe for traffic. The entrances were facing inward so I passed them faster and faster.

Then in a sharp curve, I went straight forward and biked straight into the big bum of a lady cleaning the entrance stairs. She fell. The bucket fell, and I fell with a squeaking sound from the bike. Do I have to tell that she was angry? She barked and waved her arms insisting that she want to talk to my parents. I walked home with my new black bike. Told Dad what had happened and got a hug from Mom. Then he went back to talk to the hurt lady. When he came back, he said very little. However, I had to promise to be more careful. Then I saw it - that wonderful glimpse in his eye and the little tremble in the corner of his mouth. He did not smile but close. Oh how much I loved that expression on my fathers face.

I came back

After the wonderful meeting with my mom and dad, I could not stop thinking about this man and his offer. Twenty years was now taken from my life, but the experience of happiness and seeing them, was worth every year. Now, I have more memories that I go over repeatedly in my dreams and when I am awake. One is to meet my husband again. He died from cancer and when he did, I died too a lot. I have not been myself since. To see him, hug him and sit close to him was definitely worth 20 years of my life which did not have so much meaning any more anyway.

So I went back to the house with the blue tempting door. The man took me to a door, did his electrode attachments and left me sitting there with my heart beating so hard. Would this work? How many years will I have to pay before I die from old age?

We meet again

I was strolling on a mead full of purple and mauve flowers. The weather was like a babies breath, and I was humming our song. He came towards me with that irresistible smile. Without hurry, he picked some flowers that he put in my hair. He took my head between his hands and kissed me slowly and gentle. We hugged and cried of happiness. Under the big oak, was a blanket with our thermos and some cinnamon buns waiting. We went there and listened to the birds singing. We both started to sing "our" romantic little tune and looked into each others eyes with a love that this world has rarely seen.

We stayed on the blanket until the sun started to set and the air was a little chilly. Then we started our walk home. As we were walking, we held hands and looked deeply into each others eyes like we always did. We kissed now and then and a smile even more often. We belonged together and we were ONE in the best meaning of the word.

OUR song

The house with the blue door

When the man in the house with the blue door opened the big cupboard where she was sitting, she was dead. On her face was the happiest smile and in her hair were dry flowers that once had been mauve and purple.

The man did slowly bring her out to the table in his semi dark room and put her there. Gently, he removed her brains and put them in his research system. He had to continue his scientific tests and needed brains for that. In the other room were many stored and unfortunately many had started to be moldy. This woman´s brain was classified as a happy one and got the place between the other positive customers brains. Science has a price and in her case it was worth the cost, he thought.

Since he had experimented too much on his own body, he now had to wait for more willing participants.

Was the price too high?

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm always crying...the stranger looks so much like my I miss my brother and his has changed for me I care for that stranger's mother..time is passing by..I will one day grieve again...Hugs to you, and hang on..please...

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I"m crying....

    • mulberry1 profile image

      Christine Mulberry 

      7 years ago

      I suppose it's up to the individual to decide if the price was too high. In some manner, I believe that where we are now is just a stage or a phase of our existance. If our joy lies behind and/or in front of us, I suppose leaving this life for the other isn't such a high price. (?)


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