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Traveler - An Original Poem

Updated on June 12, 2009

The wind blows low and onward,

Over the hills forever

It whispers of a memory,

And brings the evening rain,

Seeps from far mountain,

Flows through mist and earth,

Caresses grass and limb

And breathes an ageless sound.

Traveler, whither do you go?

Among the hills and clover,

The wind forever with you

To journey unalone,

Remind of tree and valley,

Bed by laurel and vine,

Dream of inky sky

And tell stories of far off lands.

The wind breathes on your shoulders

Through moss, through leaves and stone,

It wanders to the water's edge

And sighs of life and love,

Tells soft of all that is,

Croons of days passed by,

Sings of what is gone

And tells me I'll see you again.

May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind always be at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face,

The rains fall soft upon your fields

Until we meet again,

May the world hold you in the hallow of its hands.

*Final stanza taken from an old Irish blessing


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    • j.arnold34 profile image

      j.arnold34 8 years ago

      Yes, it is, and as such, its public domain, which I'm legally entitled to use, and modify, without giving credit because there's no "writer" for an Irish blessing.

      Ethically I suppose I shouldn't have forgotten that tidbit. No need to pull out the 'p' word son.

    • C.Ferreira profile image

      C.Ferreira 8 years ago from Rutland, VT

      uuhh....i know for 100% fact that the last stanza of this poem is the "Old Irish Blessing".

      I suggest you give credit where credit is due, otherwise you will be flagged for plagairism.

    • Jodi Hoeksel profile image

      Jodi Hoeksel 8 years ago

      Very nice poem.

    • j.arnold34 profile image

      j.arnold34 8 years ago

      Scientology ads? Really? Hahaha... That's what I get for prostituting my art ;)