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Book Review: Traveling- An Accidental Expert's How to Leave Your Body Handbook

Updated on July 5, 2012

Alan Guiden's Book, Traveling: An Accidental Expert's How to Leave Your Body Handbook has made my top ten list of out-of-body books. Alan has managed to create a very helpful guide filled with personal experiences as well as tips and tricks to become a non-physical traveler yourself. He does this with easy to understand terminology and humor around every page. Before opening the cover on this book there are a few requirements: an open mind, sense of humor, and some kind of faith. Well they are not really required, just very helpful.

Guiden has laid out a seven step program to achieve non-physical travel on the regular basis.

Step one, Desire is needed to direct non-physical lift out, without a desire to be out-of body our energy will stay put and rest with the body. Many have had out-of-body experiences accidentally due to a strong desires while in a relaxed state.

Step two Relaxation is a key component to achieving lift out. Our bodies must be relaxed and minds aware in order to maintain and control travel.

Step three Visualization - Destination is the choice you must make on the direction your travel will take for example you may wish to visit a distant loved one and see how they are doing, or travel to a galaxy far, far away. The choice is yours just visualize and off you go. Guiden as details and visualization exercises to get you there.

Step four Direct Lift-Out is the preferred method of physical/non-physical separation, due to the quickness and awareness for the experience. Alan explains this method very well

Step five Awareness can be maintained in a number of ways and is important to the travel, what fun would be had if we could not remain aware of if.

Step Six Travel by using the power of your thoughts, you can move to anyplace or plain of existence you desire, but this can be disappointing when unintentional thoughts get manifested. This chapter of the book covers the aspects of thought travel and more, in detail.

Step seven Return And Memory is simple to achieve but requires some practice on the memory side of things. Alan will guide you on the ways this works. This is also important to know as all your travels will be for nothing if they can not be remembered.

Well, I think that's enough for now, you really have to read for yourself, "to boldly go where no man has gone before". Sorry I could not resist. His humor is contagious.

To conclude, I highly recommend this book for anyone young or old interested in non-physical travel. Quick and easy to read. I had a wonderful time giggling at Alan's strange humor.

Happy Travels, Live long, and prosper!

-Ben Howen


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