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Treasured Poetry of Years Past

Updated on March 5, 2012

Treasured Poetry of Years Past

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Here is an eclectic group of older works, still applicable and noteworthy subjects. As a writer, it’s interesting to look back on previous work and understand how we evolve, both intellectually and as a writer. I hope you enjoy this collection.

The Holy Land

Tony DeLorger (29/07/06)

Irreverent smiles and squinted eyes, and plotted thoughts abound,

Wilful guile and sheer denial, of motives dark astound.

Sickly lies and fated sighs, and mordant explanations,

Worry beads so sacrosanct, deceitful fascination.

Hallowed grins and master spins, political dispensation,

Purpose filled by men of will, in name of church and nation.

Neither right nor wrong in darkest tone, these wheels of men do choose,

To yield the foe of misbelief, to rid their lives and lose.

Yet belief alone cannot fulfil, the idle dreams of power,

For the darkest dreams of fine ideals, can infect, destroy and sour.


Tony DeLorger (1/08/06)

Allow the farthest thought passage and open the door anew,

And in this way see as others may, explore the naked truth.

Narrow can our sight become, lost in the complexities of life,

And remove the blanket of our experience, to know that there is more.

Shallow be this sight of mine, if I alone see from my eyes,

When vision from a thousand minds, perspective shown in God’s design.

Trust in the knowledge that truth resides without,

And not from a single eye, shall the truth come out.

Love Does Rise

Tony DeLorger (1980’s)

Like willows bend to meet the breeze

on sullen days when nature speaks.

And too must we on fleeted wing,

rise up to meet the morning spring.

Of life doth come from caverns deep

to meet the sun on ragged peak.

All this and other reasons why,

the love does rise within our eyes.

For Breath

Tony DeLorger (1980’s)

For breath I hold on time unspent,

My sanction undenied,

Oh breathless self and sorrow born,

Too blind for light to shine.

For passing truth does bear to me,

Of selfish pride unsaid,

And wisp away the foolish doubts,

That only fools can sense.

For life’s a circle with no end,

Of peaked mountain climbs,

Yet all returns to mother’s womb,

To start a second time.

The War of Minds

Tony DeLorger (17/08/06)

For all the wishes of men, who try in vain to better existence,

There are those who choose to decimate that which they cannot own.

By some quirk of nature they see only the struggle for gain,

And nothing of the possibility for peace and harmony.

While politicians fight for position and world powers

Lay siege upon the helpless, and judge what is right,

The world will forever be in a state of war,

Unable to find strength within culture, sate or religion.

Difference need not be segregation, nor divisive by nature,

And should be the very wealth and glory of diversity.

Why then do we condemn difference, and make judgements

Based upon our ignorance.

A millennium has passed and still from within our pained history,

We refuse to recognise our folly, to change and live for peace.

What then does that say about our cultures and our beliefs?

What does that say about our future, and the future of our planet?

And who will lead our race to a better life?


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