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Trials- A poem By: Latanya Williams

Updated on September 8, 2011

Peaceful thoughts

The woods (God creation)
The woods (God creation) | Source
Nature pose at Camp Gretna Glen  in lebanon pa
Nature pose at Camp Gretna Glen in lebanon pa | Source

Deep Thoughts


Sometimes we go through it;

Sometimes we don’t understand;

Why things happen for reasons;

But sometimes we look for demands;

We hide our feeling from others;

In burdens and despairs;

The truth lies within us;

With sadness faces we wear;

We hurt on the inside out;

We bear all there is to bear;

When all we have to do is believe;

And take it to the Lord in prayer;

He knows our every weakness;

He comforts us with care;

Just take your troubles to him;

And he will castaway all fears;

When troubles comes your way;

And you’re feeling sad and blue;

Just trust upon the Lord;

And remember he’ll help you through;

So hold your head up high;

With both feet firm on the ground;

And remember that God loves you;

And you’ll get through this;

Some way, some how!!!!!


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    • Lyrickkw profile image

      Lyrickkw 6 years ago from PHILADELPHIA

      Thank you! I wrote several poems and now I am in the process of getting them published. The book is called Reflections

    • davidmoral profile image

      davidmoral 6 years ago

      Very nice very nice....:)