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Tribute to Ichimaru Gin

Updated on January 29, 2011

Rangiku loses Gin...who in theory betrays her , yet in the end the truth is he sought revenge from Aizen who almost killed rangiku when she was a kid {i didnt w


As the cherries lose faith and fall of their mother's chest onto the floor, the world shatters to pieces as your memory fades. Not mended, without guidance, the heart wavers as the dark embraces and snugs the pain. It hurts, sometimes you program yourself to feel numb. But i feel it deep down inside of me how much i miss you. Like a bridge of petals floating on the boat of sinking sanity. Too much pressure sometimes will wreck that boat though your heart and my mind will remain pleading for your scent. Your memory sulks in the corner of my mind pleading and begging to hold your hand for the last time.
With your touch i fall to one knee and as the color of your eyes dies, your pale skin turns to ash I only got my brittle bones to break the fall. And so i flee to the treacherous past hoping to live back there, happy with you, for you, to hold you one more time, and to hear you breathe. Perhaps, it is those little things that make me cry my soul out for you, your memory, your warmth, and your guidance. But again it is the pain that is a must in this life , and just like how happiness is part of the damned lifetime, pain is its shadow, its twin its headless hunter. You left me, unintentionally and left me with that unforgiving pain but i know deep down inside my heart that yours will always beat with mine, resonate one for one as longs as i breathe. 
And as long as i am alive, you will be with me, hence taking down the shadow of doubt pain and helplessness that lurks inside of me. And as you raised your sword promising never to see me bleed again, i raise mine to you, a tribute for my lost soul, my love.



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