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Tribute to Temari& Shikamaru - Hinata&Naruto

Updated on June 6, 2011

[Tribute to Temari And shikamaru ]

Born within the sand, tough from the outside fragile from the inside

Claimed to be the guider of mankind, yet my heart knows I always lied

And I always kept my resolve, hidden for emotions are just a burden

But you had to break the walls the shackles and the emotions I’ve hidden

Simply conquering the fear of emotion, driving my soul into the light

And then my heart was set on fire, for you made my heart ignite

[Release the seal ~Kai]

You took my restricted heart within your shadow limitation

And at that point I fell to my knees, surrendered and burned in temptation

Yet to you it was all devotion though you claimed emotions were such a drag

But you and I simply knew better and your hearts simply couldn’t lag

For once a broken heart finds its pieces, by time it will mend

And each other’s loneliness we can fend

[Let the flames begin]

How come every time I try to slam the door my heart sulks from within?

And I can feel the loneliness emerge, burning my soul from within?

In the end my heart was hard to conquer and claim

Yet you broke my walls and set my heart on flame

Broken we were yet now we calmly heal, with balance maintained

As both of us were chained in the darkness, blind and restrained

Yet your wisdom poured into me, and courage we’ve exchanged

So let us breath the fire willingly let us drown in our world

For your beating heart brought balance to my world that swirled

i dont know if this pic is from the manga so *_^
i dont know if this pic is from the manga so *_^

[Tribute to hinata and naruto]

Always in your shadow, yet you don't know how heart trembling I felt

And once you had me by the hand, I watched my heart within yours melt

With one word you had my fears, the pain I hid, under your gaze all sealed.

Looking at you now I see your strength pour into me

The light that I was kept away from, I can finally see

Through your decisiveness I am no more stuck in the past

Yet as you push forward I will catch up with you so fast

For I’ve been broken for a long time as well

Living in a home that dwells within hell

And once you entered the door you had my soul

Within me, your chakara healing the incurable hole

In the end you were my hope, the driving force within me

And so I’ve always watched your back as you vowed to protect me

I am grateful yet no more can I let it be

For today I will protect you with the same blood you shed for me

For this life leads me into darkness and madness

But you said together we shall both emerge into the light

So know that my heart resonates with yours, so fight

Break free from all the sorrow and sadness

The pain the melancholy and let me share with you the burden

For my three worded verse can cure the pain once spoken


Undefeated my love has stood proud throughout those years

So let me take away the pain claim all your melancholy fears

How come even after three years of departure my heart demands yours to claim

And if I proclaim that my unpronounced love has got me all burned from inside

As if it yearns for your touch, your soothing presence just by calling your name

How come every time I see you my emotions I can’t hide

And I can’t see your heart except next to me reside

And even if you seal your heart from mine, the hope within you I will find

For without you my soul has eternally yelped and cried

So tell me if our hearts were like the heaven and the earth

Who can make my eternal love for you disintegrate and disperse?

So hold my hand as I breathe life for the first time

Like a blind poet seeing the sun, able to rhyme

And if the world pushes you down under the dying stars I will be by your side

For we’re born with hearts that breathe the will of fire, with hearts confined


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    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lebanon

      Mentalist acer, thank you so much for stopping by [you might want to take a look at the anime in case you are free :P]

      Meow i will take a look at the vids but not from home since my internet load is as slow as a slug :D:D alway glad to have you on my page:D thanks

    • meow48 profile image


      7 years ago from usa

      i just took time out to listen and watch that vid you recommended kudos to you for recommending it to me, now here are a couple of my favs... ready, i have never tried to post a url in a comment so here goes i guess it did not work but here is another... forgive the result, but it is worth the effort. take care.

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 

      7 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      Intense and enduringly beautiful Uriel.;)

    • Uriel profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Lebanon

      Meow, glad you liked it :D thank your for your positive feedback [the only positive thing to happen today :D:D]

    • meow48 profile image


      7 years ago from usa

      absolutely loved this, voted up all the way. thankyou....


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