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Tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to sucking us dry

Updated on July 2, 2016

The queue snakes unending

Pries unbolt the jaws of the horizon and dives

A million and one manikin bodies naked as sin

Skeletal hands fighting to loincloth Adam’s shame

Each flesh waits its turn to enter the holy place

4:30am, so early, so cold, to shed his burden

Shapes and sizes from my backyard and beyond

Saying yes to so early a command

Some leap their impatience

Others stiffly shut up both ends

One or two are unable to travail

Splattered, they silently dissolve into the darkness

With all the dignity they can congregate

One pays for the ticket paper and Philips inside

To meet his eunuch

Here is water-a kind-what holds my baptism

He comes out fat on the public dessert

With the ticket paper he wipes his bowel-breathe mouth

Halfway one slips a single slipper on his foot

He walks like a king with a broken hipbone

The snake grows longer on the other side

May The Healers’ creator bless you

Those who have dedicated their lives

Their existence to sucking us dry.



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