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Tricky Business! #1,282

Updated on March 7, 2010


Tricky Business.



She was

beautiful once

but now she's

just a ghostlike

shadow of her

flesh form
that once



A spirit 

once human

who died being
used like

a kleenex,
on a ten

dollar trick
to get crack
but he cracked her,
with his phallus

and a pipe wrench
after his seed

 was spilled.

He destested

all women,

a psychopath
so he'd bang
than he'd

smash them,
till they stopped
causing his flesh
to turn

into hardness,
that his mother
used to beat

out of him
so long ago.

She was

dumped in

an alley
amidst dumpsters

and empties,
with her

cranium emptying
last hope's

into gutters.

But each night

she returns
and she haunts

the one spot
where her last trick

stole from her,
a high she'll

never know


just being alive!

Not in pipe

dreams nor heaven,
she is trapped

 in between
what is now

and what's later
as she floats

on the corner
of where she

last knew life. 

Just a sad

made to

regret decisions
that brought

early demise
darkness bleeds

from her eyes.








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    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Hard life of strife.

      A wrench, a knife.

      Lust kills a, the, all- life.