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Trigger All The Right Feelings

Updated on July 8, 2015

Search And Find

What makes you happy ?

Is it music ?

What pleases you passionately in the inside ?

Someone special you love being with ?

That no matter what you say or do

They want to be right by your side

What do you like to do ?

Something that you have so much fun doing

You forget where the time went

Combine anyone of these or make up your own

Do something today that makes you feel tickled

Laugh and be happy

We see reminders every day what not to do

Wny not make reminders that thrill us to no end

That make us feel great again

A want a feeling so strong

It drags me out of bed in the morning

Then keeps me up late at night

Something better than a wonderful sleep

Maybe cooking is your passion

Eating might be yours too

Remember don't over do it

Moderation is the key

No one said you can't do ten

Bringing back memories of joy

Is my thing

Tapping into all my emotions at once

I get a rush

Warning: Please don't do anything that would hurt anyone or put you in harms way

Be smart

Use common sense

To many people are risk takers and live for the thrill

I don't like the odds and the outcome if something goes terribly wrong

I honestly believe there is enough to do without going to the extreme

Remember This is not t.v.

It's real life with real life consequences

I use to love a good run

Now I settle for a good walk

I use to love working overtime and all the extra money

All the money is no good if you can't enjoy it

I am all about saving for a rainy day

Not at the expense of missing every sunny day

So I am off for my walk

I hope you will find something that entertains and keeps you healthy

I would like nothing better than to share

Our own" Wonderful World Of Wonders"

Every day

For the rest of my days


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