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Trimming The dead Weight.

Updated on January 12, 2010

Trimming The Dead Weight.


In order to restore Mother Earth.
to all of her former glory,
we must remove all of the
gluttonous minded people,
put them on an island

of little consequence,
and let them squeeze

each others needs
by their over indulgent idealogies,
once there they could

deplete all the coconuts,
sucking them up like
thier SUV's once sucked gas,
and befoul their only fresh water
with their landfills of trash,
and slowly perish by their

own greedy hands.

We've already landscaped

the White House,
removing all of the Bushes,
and their cronies,
monsters like

Dick (Lon)Cheney,
whose barren bumbling

has cost Mother Earth,
much of her beauty already,
her white hair at

her crown is falling
into the seas forever,
the fish are so full of mercury,
that they would make

 good thermometer,
shoved up the

oval orifice cracks.

We must start

somewhere perhaps by
letting fossil fuels at long

last become fossils
let's try cornier ways

to get around a healthier world.

The republican'ts have

proven it, they can't
the demoncrats must quit stalling,
and come with passion for the earth,
compassion will perserve it.

The people who are common

must in uncommon valor,
rise up and demand removal

of all of the poisons
that are being generated

on generations to come.

Acid rain should once again be
rendered into a Hendrix song,
where children can dance

amidst wildflowers
in the mountains of

Canadian wilderness.

Carbon monoxide should

be carbon dated to the early
twenty-first century

where it became extinct.

The planet is dying,

while we all simply
stand at her bedside,

and bemoan her loss,

Recycle the plastic leaders,

not plastic litres,
the "cause is not collecting cans,"
rather "it's canning the collective causes."

but of course before we

all end up on a litter,
pick up the litter around you.

Conserve so that you

do not serve the cons
who are now in charge

of your paradise,
reduced to a pair-a-dice,

tossed at high risks
and coming up craps.

There is much

paperwork to be done,
don't just hug trees,

go out on a limb,
and demand changes

from your local leaders.
shake the bad apples out,

and soon enough
new growth will hide

the scars of apathy
that have marred

the world we love.

This is just step one
on the stairway to

a heavenly planet.

Let us climb joyously together.




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