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Updated on April 8, 2017

Town Trip A Child's Perspective


As I walked I did talk
I jumped and skipped
Blew raspberries I think
The adults stared
But I was too scared

I walked those lines
The street is full of them
Looking for order
The lines do bring
As I feel the chaos deep within

Hugged the lamppost
Licked the lamppost
Yes I am lost
But I am the boss

I became a dog
Then a frog
People stare
I don't care

People remark
Leave their mark
Cruel words my mum to hear
My mind not clear

Overwhelmed you see
So I retreat to the sea
My imaginary world is safety
While others look on incredulously

My mum walk with me
Stand so quietly
Wait for me
I will come back presently

Don't get cross
I am not lost
Close your ears
Let go of your fears

What they say matters not a jot
You today must be a rock
An island a safe retreat
Amongst all these feet

You are the tower
To which I can retreat
You are my strength when I feel weak

This world is scary
Can't you see
People are wary
I know you understand me

Please help me
Just stay with me
I promise I will come back presently
But for now just be with me


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