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Triumphal Entry

Updated on March 1, 2017

Triumphal Entry

Mark my word as if you haven't heard

Beautiful interludes

we traveled so far not to turn back now

We made are way onto the world's stage

a field of dreams

Today I sought a peace between two different world's

From the one I knew

The to the one I wish I could

a touch at a glance of it's beckoning call

Life is filled with beautiful interludes exposed

In the game of life your time is very brief

Time to turn over a brand new leaf

The world is are grand stage the people are the audience

the chief conductor is your higher power

look above to the heavenly love

Words can hurt still they can lift up

your heart to over flowing ambiance

tempered in the fire for you lasting desire

Share with each other this new found love

The Battle Within

Savor the treasure that lies within

shadows break there composure

we feel a bit younger then ever before

to create a chasm of laughter bent on the great here after

Shadows break forth to summon the day

a solemn time to vow the knee to pray

spend forth a photo as a dear reminder

write a poem to capture the desire


grow close to each other

the battle within is furious to resist yet we shall in due time

Lest I refrain

Keep your head up

In matters of the heart

light the inner spark

to where we need to go

live, laugh & play


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