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Trouble in Tate's Hell

Updated on June 22, 2012

Tate's Hell/ A Place of Beauty and Intrigue!

North of the dense swamps of Tate's Hell, were grasslands, wetlands, and pine forests.
North of the dense swamps of Tate's Hell, were grasslands, wetlands, and pine forests. | Source
Walking through the pines can be relaxing.
Walking through the pines can be relaxing. | Source

Tate's Hell or Survivor's Paradise?

I was dreaming of a vacation in the mountains with my ex-wife and two children. Everything seemed great as we hiked along a mountain trail, then suddenly the ground split open separating me from my family and they started to sink in quicksand.

About then Desperado's voice broke into my dream, "Hey sleeping beauty. I know you're used to getting a late start, but com'on an get some of this breakfast Sandy sent us over. Unless you want me to eat all these eggs, biscuits and gravy with sausage."

"Yeah alright, I'm coming, my dreams weren't worth staying in anyhow. I hope there's strong coffee, my head feels like it exploded. I don't usually drink much any more, it hurts too much!"

"Of course, the coffees strong, I made it. You know I like my coffee strong enough to stand your spoon up in," as he hands me a cup of "joe" and a plate loaded with breakfast.

"Whoa, what did we do to deserve such a fine breakfast," I ask in astonishment?

In between mouthfuls, Desp. says, "Sandy was so happy for that medical marijauna that you brought in, she fixed this in gratitude. Her and her momma both use it. Her mom has cancer and needs it to have an appetite to eat. Sandy I think just smokes it to relieve her stress from dealing with all the medical stuff she sees. She's our RN, and a damn good one from what I've seen. Though she's pretty cute, let me warn you, she's kind of a psycho-nympho at times. We need to go talk with her later, so I thought you better know."

"While, I appreciate the warning, I'm not looking for any bed partners, I've got enough headaches already! Besides, I think that I may need to take a ride into Tallahassee to see about my kids and ex-wife. If they're still alive after all that's happened, I need to get them outta there."

"Funny that you should mention that, that's exactly what Sandy wants to talk to us about. When she heard you're from Tally, she thought she might tag along for important business." Deperado says with one of his impish grins.

After my last few bite of eggs and sausage, I respond, "Yeah, that's just what I need, a psycho-nympho riding shotgun, while I'm going for my kids! I'll have to mull that over some first."

"Aw hell Slim, you're probably not her type anyway! She needs to in to get a load of medical supplies from her hospital friends in the underground market. This is important, and they won't deal with anyone else, nobody trusts anyone these days. It gets you killed or disappeared real quick, so just give it some thought, ok. Besides you'll be happy when you hear how we did for that brick of medical weed. Basically, Hoss gave us 10 grand in cash and merchandise, the half cash being gold and silver." Desp. says while beaming with pride.

After I finished choking on my coffee at this revelation, "You've gotta be kidding me, ten grand for that brick of weed. Are them boys crazy?"

"No way, market value used to be $400. an ounce, now it's 7-800. an ounce. Since that brick turned out to be a kilo, that's thirty-five ounces at say 700 a piece comes to about twenty-five thousand. He'll probably get more than that, as most folks don't have seven or eight hundred to barter with. So he will get 30-40 thousand off that brick, we gave him a helluva deal at ten. I got us an ounce of gold pieces, three onces of silver, a hunting rifle with ammo, clothes, boots, sleeping bags, various other supplies, and we still got over two grand in credit for other supplies at his store." Desperado beamed like he was Donald Trump.

"My Lord, and I was ready to throw that away, not caring to mess with drugs or do anything illegal. But I guess marijuana isn't as bad as the other hard street drugs or a lot of pharmacuetical ones for that matter." I replied in amazement.

Deperado looked at me earnestly, as he said, "You gotta remember that a lot of these laws were about government control, or their cronies being able to make more money by declaring somethings illegal. Besides everything we do and even living without that RFID implant is illegal. You are illegal just surviving without that thing."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, things are not based in reality anymore. We've been fed government propaganda so often an so long, we bought into a lot of it. Making criminals out of people for smoking marijuana didn't seem right, it just filled our prisons. Now, they exterminate long term prisoners to make room for new ones. That and throwing people in FEMA camps for not getting that implant or any disobedience whatsoever. I guess all we can do is try to follow God's laws as man's laws have been turned upside down." I replied, as I tried to contemplate all these things.

"Desperado, can you take care of collecting that stuff and whatever we might need for a trip into Tallahassee? I need to go for a long walk to think and pray about some things. I'll see you in a couple of hours,ok?" I said walking away to the western trail.

"Sure, I'll take care of things around here. Just make sure and take your pistol with you for any snakes, gators, or other uninvited guests. They're not all real sociable here in Tate's Hell! I'll see you in a couple hours, be careful." He threw my way. Although, I heard him, I was already in deep thought about all the recent changes in my life.

Lost in deep prayer and thoughts, I lost track of time.

By the time I got back several hours later, Desperado looked up at me like I was a wayward child and just shook his head as he threw me a cold beer. "I was beginning to think, we might better go look for you before dark settles in. But I kept thinking that you were always good at finding your way back to camp, back in our hunting days." he said with a somewhat wry smile.

"Yeah, well I appreciate the thought, but I was kinda lost in thought and prayer for while. Had a lot of things to consider after all that's gone on lately, but I'm feeling better on what I should do now. I did have to look around some to make sure to find my way back," I said somewhat sheepishly.

"Well, if you're up for it, let's go over to Rick and Sandy's and get some chow. Some of us don't have the luxury of being praying monks and have to work occasionally," he said with a quick wink.

Desperado went to the campfire to dish us up some of the night stew. I had just sat down on an old stump, when Sandy gaily perched on my lap much to Rick's dismay. Startled as I was by her brazen move, I stood up abruptly, sending her to the ground on her butt. This brought a snicker from Rick, which brought a look of almost hate to her pretty face. I wondered what sort of side-show Desperado had brought me to, as he handed me a plate of food.

I tried to concentrate strictly on eating my food, but this flirtatious exhibition wasn't over yet. Sandy went from butt down on the ground, to right in-between Rick and another man that I hadn't met yet. She was obviously touching and kissing on the other man in an attempt to make Rick jealous, and he looked non too happy.

About the time the man reached his arm around her, Rick responded by coming around with a back-handed slap that sent the fella backwards. Before they could do anymore, Desperado and I were grabbing them and pulling them apart. With us still holding them apart, Sandy was between them slapping them both in the face and laughing hysterically like she had never had so much fun.

Not even thinking about it, I said, "In Jesus' name, stop it." It was as if she was thrown to the ground in some sort of convulsion. Seconds later, she was back-down on the ground, writhing like a serpent across the camp-site as if she was a huge snake. Knowing these gyrations were utterly impossible for any human, I discerned this to be an occultic demon manifesting itself in her.

"Dear Jesus" I said and she turned to look at me as if stunned by my remark. Although still on her back, her neck U-turned and she peered at me with eyes that seemed age-old in appearance. Like a shape-shifter, her very form had taken on snake-like attributes with hooded reptilian eyes positioned forward on an arrowhead shaped skull, her tongue even flicked out several times.

Coming out of my original shock, I sternly said, "By the power and authority in the name of Jesus Christ, come out of this woman now!" It was if she had been slapped awake, resuming her true form. There she was still on her back on the ground, coughing furiously until a blob of green phlegm came up which she spit into the fire, which seemed to hiss away in a surreal shriek.

I looked around at the shocked faces of our companions. The fella I didn't know appearing to be still over-whelmed by the sight of such unexplained super-natural events in our midst. He kept shaking his head in disbelief and muttering something unintelligible as he stumbled away into the darkness around the firelight. Rick rushed to Sandy's side to check and comfort her, glancing up at me as if to inquire if it was alright. I only nodded as a response.

Deperado being quick to recover and maintain a pretense of normal says, "Hey Rick, I guess you won't mind if we help ourselves to more stew and a couple beers. Will ya?" Rick was oblivious!

I took one of the plates and a beer from him, as our fist ones were tossed aside when this ruckus started. Desperado looked at me and asked in a serious tone, "I don't suppose you're gonna tell me where you learned that little magic trick, are ya?"

"It's not magic, just the power of Jesus' name!" I stated simply around a mouthful of stew.

By this time Sandy was sitting up, but crying and whimpering like a little girl, with Rick speaking words of comfort over her. I set my plate down and walked over touching her gently on the shoulder to pray over her. Rick looked me dead in the eyes as if his thanks couldn't even find words.

I simply and quietly thanked God for his grace, mercy, and love for Sandy. Then asked that he protect her from any further attack from these unclean spirits, until she could come to know him and get strong in his word and the power of his Holy Spirit.

"Come on Desperado, let's give them some room for peace and quiet tonight" I said as I grabbed my half full plate of stew and barely touched beer and walked towards our camp. Usually talkative Desperado didn't have another word that night, as we went to the tent and went to sleep, thinking of events that seemed from another dimension.


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    • slcockerham profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey landscapeartist, Thanks for the encouraging comments and the up-vote. So glad you enjoyed it!

    • landscapeartist profile image

      Roberta McIlroy 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Thank for sharing this with the rest of us...I love reading it. voted up

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 

      6 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for sharing this with us...

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 

      6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      This is an awesome story. I have seen the power of Jesus' name also.


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