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Poems for Modern Times

Updated on February 25, 2016

How She Dressed- a poem

Even when she's fully clothed

There will be the gawkers, the starers, catcallers, sometimes stalkers

So why should she avoid

Shorts, tank tops, and flip flops

During summer when it's hot

And she's sweating

In her jeans, boots, and long sleeves

To avoid ever having to hear someone say

It was because of how she dressed

Mother(Earth)- a poem

We are born of her
And will return to her
But we refuse to care for her

We owe her our lives
But instead of thanking her
We use her, abuse her, rape her, pillage her, and leave her a plundered wasteland

The day will soon come
When she stops bearing us
And will no longer support us

But what do we care
She's just a woman

The River- a poem

Pain is a river
Unceasing currents coursing
I try to stop fighting the current
And yet, catch myself desperately trying
To swim upstream
To find the shore
To go back to a place before the river was
I try to dam the river (to temporary avail)
All dams fail eventually
I try to relax and let the river take me
The river is taking me
The river is taking
The river is
The river

A Prayer for the Blind World- a poem

A prayer for the blind world:

The world is blind
And none can see
That I am you, and you are me.

Though born to difference
All are we-
Different races
Different faiths
Different families
I am still you, and you are still me.

Of separate genders
Separate lands
And separate cultures
We may be-
I am still you, and you are still me.

Gods give the world
The sight to see
Our souls are but one soul, born endlessly,
And that I am you, and you are me.

© 2016 Tarra Hizey


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